21 February 2008

Someone finally listened to Talmadge Gleck!

While passing through Anderson, S.C. on our "scenic route" toward the mountains last week, I saw something out of the corner of my eye. It was a sign, and it had blue numbers and border, looking much different from the longtime - say it with me: "Borrrrr-innng!" - South Carolina highway shield.

I let out a "whoop!" "Could this BE?", I thought to myself (as Seraphim rolled her eyes and lamented her status as wife of a road geek). I wanted to check and make sure my eyes weren't playing palmetto tricks on me, but lunchtime traffic prevented such doubling of back. And hopes of seeing blue while driving back through on our way home last night proved nil.

After getting home last night, I Googled this mystery. Yup, South Carolina's DOT recently changed the state highway shield design! Buh-bye boring white square, and make way for:

It appears this is going to be a "by attrition" kind of thing where the new shields will replace old ones as they wear out, just as Mississippi handled their transition in the '70s (some old triangle shields remained well into the '80s; today, a small handful remain).

According to the press release, "Members of the SCDOT Commission agreed that the change is an improvement in identifying state roads. The addition of the state outline, state symbol and the spelling out of the state's name will clearly indicate to travelers that they are in South Carolina."

Very good reasoning. And a little color goes a long way, too.

I half-wonder if some SCDOT worker with a little influence happened upon my rant about a year ago regarding South Carolina's state signage? Who knows. This even incorporates the state flag element, just as my own suggestion did.

I like the new design. A lot. Now if West Virginia would only do something about their own dull as dishwater state shields, we'll be batting .1000!

Good work, S.C. A lifetime supply of boiled peanuts should go to the person responsible. (And if anybody wants to take on the task of defacing the old shields so we'll get more blue signs quicker, say the word and I'll buy the Krylon, heh heh. Just kidding. I think.)

Ciao for niao.

--Talmadge "I like" Gleck


nettiemac said...

Wait. Y'all were THAT CLOSE to me????? Anderson's only 20 miles (at most) from Liberty.

Pout pout pout ....

(Granted, y'all were probably going through there while I was at work in G'ville.....)

Verification: etrsgl --- but, but, I wanted to be Jssesgrl

Talmadge G. said...

Yes, we were indeed that close. The object was to take in Abbeville and Oconee counties, but at the last minute we chose another route which took us through Anderson.

We figured since it was a weekday, and it being this close to you coming down ...

Don't be (too) mad at us.... ;-)

Kate/Susan said...

So, a girl logs in to see who the big, romantic trip to WV was, and instead is greeted by a road sign report...


Word verification: TDSTVD

I'd rather be Etr's Girl than Todd's TV Dinner.

Talmadge G. said...

Dear Etr's Girl:

The triptych of our "big romantic trip" (which indeed it was) will be forthcoming. It'll be in several parts and will require the usual sorting through of photos and of course writing the text. I hope to have the first part by Sunday. Maybe sooner.

Say, if you're not going to eat those peas and carrots, you mind giving 'em to me? But you can have the grotesque muffin-like dessert thing.

--Talmadge "Whaddaya EXPECT for 99 cents??" Gleck