14 February 2008

Wild and Wonderful times await!

Tomorrow (Friday) marks the beginning of our "Anniversary Trip", and we're destined for what has become our 'vacation spot': West Virginia. Just like last year, we have a cabin lined up in Mount Nebo (although in a different place).

We're taking the 'scenic' route up there, and the first night will be spent in Knox-veeeeeeel, Tennessee (R.I.P. Rev. J. Bazzel Mull), with a couple of Seraphim's old friends from high school. That promises to be fun. From Knoxville, we plan on taking another scenic route via the Cumberland Gap tunnel up toward Mount Nebo, hopefully arriving about suppertime on Saturday.

I doubt we'll have internet access (isn't that part of the whole point of a mountain cabin, anyway??), but if we do, you'll hear from us. Otherwise, look for a 'trip review' after we get home (Wednesday night).

The mountains of West Virginia are calling .... and we're ready to answer.

Ciao for niao.

--Talmadge "Hittin' the road" Gleck


bolivar said...

JLo and I will think about you while we are in Cozumel. Have fun!

Fred Azbell said...

Damn, what a blast from the past, mentioning the Rev. J. Bazzel Mull. I used to pick up his radio program back in 1969 or so, when he featured records by "THE WORLD FAMOU8 CHUCK WAGON GANG". I was always fascinated by his gravelly voice, which reminded me of no one so much as Wolfman Jack.

Fred Azbell