05 March 2008

Gleck Fest #1

I suppose I ought to chime in with a review of the chaos and disorder we had under our roof this past weekend.

Postponed from an earlier, colder, rainy and sicker time, Gleck Fest™ occurred as planned. We met Kate/Susan & The General on our way in from work. They were at Baibry's, a local coffee shop type place in a nice mock-storefront center with terrible parking. The coffee, as both K/S and Sera will tell you, makes the anemic vehicular logistics well worth it.

Dinner was at what I've long called The Only Non-Fast Food Restaurant In Rincon, Georgia In Business For Longer Than Six Months. More commonly known as "Frank & Linda's." It was a most pleasant icebreaker. I was 99% sure we'd all get along fine .... and, to both of our fortune, it was somewhere in the 110-120% range.

Both have already made mention of the Police Report section in our little weekly freebie paper, The Spirit. It's not much to look at, basically your right-wing glorified pennysaver, but the police blotter makes the whole paper. And yes, they're all real. The Spirit has a website, complete with police reports, but the last issue was January 24th, and whatever hosting service they're using prefers ASCII punctuation, so the regular kind causes little "?" icons to appear. Overall, it's a sloppy site. But anyway.........

Saturday was all about the touristy thing, as our cohorts have already made known. Old Savannah Tours (the white trolleys) have a neat on/off type thing to allow for shopping or meals along the way. Seraphim and I decided on Sixpence Pub on Bull Street. Amazingly enough, there was not a fish & chips plate on the menu (admittedly, I had my hopes set on it). I was fixin' to settle on a turkey sandwich, but The General -- as a picky eater, I've finally met someone I can see meat-to-potatoes with -- ordered the bacon cheeseburger. I didn't see that puppy on the menu, so I changed my order. (folks, there's nothing more ENGLISH than a good BCB)

Filled with "British" vittles, and after a photo-op out front of the genuine English phone booth out front (As Seen On Kate/Susan's Blog), we stepped back onto the next trolley. Next stop: The Juliette Gordon Low house. I'd never taken the tour, so I figured there's a first time for everything. Interesting place, to be sure, but I'm more into recent (i.e. postwar) history. What I really wanted to do is disregard the tour guide's orders and take a hearty slide down that beautifully polished banister. Heh. What stopped me? Easy. I'm a 43 year old with gout issues and nowhere near as limber as I was back when Bolivar and I were torturing the Whoopi Goldberg lookalike waitress at Larry's Restaurant in Jonesboro.

Seraphim, Kate/Susan and The General went inside some chocolate place on Broughton Street. I stayed out, of course, and walked a couple places down to the Subway on the corner so I could perform some Necessary Business. As we used to call it, "Mambo #1." I thought, since they were kind enough to have their facilities available, I would then procure a soft drink. All that Girl Scoutin' made me thirsty. I drew myself a Barq's Root Beer®, but found it to be flatter than -- you guessed it -- Poinsett County, Arkansas. I went back in there for a Coca-Cola®, but its carbonation level was akin to Poinsett's neighbor to the east, Mississippi County. They graciously gave me a refund on the drink.

By the time all that was finished, The Chocoholics had emerged. We walked around the corner toward City Market to hail another trolley. Upon reaching our original stop at the Visitor Center, we piled into The Rupert King Family SUV-ster like a bunch of Mexicans en route to the Vidalia onion fields, and made a beeline for Johnny Harris.

Up 'till now, Nettiemac sat up front, while Seraphim made a nest for herself in the very back of the SUV -- a nice flashback to our childhoods when we'd ride unrestrained in the very back of a station wagon or pickup. But The Good Nett' insisted on doing the backseat.

We got to Johnny Harris just before they opened for supper at 5:30 (true enough, it's not so much the food - a bit pricey, if you wanna know the truth - but it's above and over all else the atmosphere!). And then it all caught up with Nettie. We were all concerned and especially disappointed for her -- why HERE of all places? This is her favorite spot while in Savannah.

On the way back home we made a slight detour for some cheaper-than-usual Kroger Petrol on Ogeechee Road (we had a 15-cents per gallon discount to redeem) , then to Chick-Fil-A -- I was jonesin' for a milkshake, and Kate/Susan wanted to try one as well. Once home, we sat up talking and comparing old school yearbook pictures. Man, it sure is a long way from 1983, Lakeside High School, bad middle-part disco hair and .... well, just hair in general.

Sunday: lunch at Zaxby's, a chicken finger place that started just up the road from here in Statesboro. I've always loved Zaxby's, and now The General has become a fan for life.

"The Gleck Family Sunday Matinee" on Channel 57 featured Kingpin, followed by The Wonderful World of Carey Hilliard's. From there, it seemed, our Virginia guests had to start back northward. The meal was good, and our server took a very nice table shot of all of us.

We said goodbye to K/S&G, and they took off into the I-95 darkness. And then there were three. Nettiemac stayed another night, and we had a good time filled - as always - with conversation and stories. Nettie left just ahead of us Monday morning.

The house was awfully quiet Monday night, that's for sure! And Puddy -- who got more attention than the law allows -- was a bit lonely. She was a hit with our guests, and more than once I wondered if Puddy was going to shun us and go back to Virginia with Kate/Susan.

This was one of the most enjoyable weekends I've ever had. And to think Talmadge Gleck didn't scare 'em back onto the interstate.

Now we want to make a trip to Fredericksburg. Maybe later this year.

Thanks for coming down. It was a pleasure to finally meet you two.

Ciao for niao.

--Talmadge "Party Animal" Gleck


Kate/Susan said...

Every time Annette invited Puddy on the couch and then Puddy sat on my lap, I just couldn't believe it. Me and Puddy, well, the way I see it, we must be kindred spirits or something... So funny!

nettiemac said...

Hey, I'm used to it -- throw the ball to Maddox, he brings it back to Daddy. :-/

And I have learned my lesson: FRONT SEAT ONLY!!!! :)