04 March 2008

WV-08 DAY 5: Just (literally) chillin'

Tal & Sera's Excellent West Virginia Adventure

DAY FIVE - Tuesday, 19 February.
Agenda: Originally to be a day around the cabin, not going anywhere.

Our last full day in West Virginia was to be spent "just hanging out" around our little cabin. But, just like last year, there was no such creature. It was snowing outside, and there was roughly an inch or so on the ground. The idea of driving around in the snow proved too tempting for a couple of semi-tropical folk. Plus, after last night's Goodwill diversion, we thought we'd try the Salvation Army store we saw downtown while "wardriving" for a wi-fi signal.

We had a taste for pizza for lunch, so we thought we'd give the Summersville Pizza Hut buffet a try. But first, we went to The Big Red Shield for a look through their thrifty stashes. Unfortunately, it left much to be desired. Very little to speak of, although we did find a small piece for an old glassware set that I had from Gran Lera. No real finds, book or vinyl, here. Buh-bye, Salvos.

Mama mia, that's a spicy homo...

Next stop: Pizza Hut. The only experience I'd had with one of their lunchtime buffets was the one in Troy, Ala. There, it was an overpriced spread with mostly "esoteric" topping combinations .... anchovies and green olive on one, canadian bacon and onions on another, maybe a quasi-dessert looking pizza here or there. Only two slots for the "common" pizza types -- pepperoni, sausage, or supreme. They'd make one pepperoni, put it on the bar, and it would be gone in less than a minute. Another one? Well, that'll take 15-20 minutes.

In other words, it's like a top-40 station playing just the bottom 20 songs on the Billboard "Hot 100" -- "All the stiffs, none of the hits"

It's really aggravating, because pizza is one of the few areas where my food tastes are perfectly in lockstep with popular favor. Pepperoni is the #1 pizza, and that happens to be my favorite. I mean, Ci Ci's or Pizza Inn almost always have the common pizzas on the bar, and if they're gone, you're generally not more than a minute or two away from another one hot out of the oven.

I thought it might be a Troy thing (imagine that....), so I went in there ass/u/me'ing that we'd be greeted by a "real" buffet.

Wrong, Roscoe.

It seems this is common SOP in most all Pizza Hut buffets. And a woman was eating lunch that day who used to work in a Pizza Hut. She told me, "They put all the crap out on the buffet so you'll buy a good pizza at full price." And we know how economical Pizza Hut pizzas are. *snort*

And I have to say something about our "server." I won't give his name, but let's just say he redefined the "prissy queen" stereotype. Upon entering, he said, "This way..." Seraphim told me after lunch that were he to have said "Walk this way", she would have done just that. ;-)

As for lunch, it was disappointing. They did bring out a pepperoni, and by feat of modern mountain miracle, I managed to cop a few slices before it all disappeared.

I guess you can tell we had a gay ol' time.

Before going back to the cabin, we took a little joyride, including to the area along Old 19 outside of Mount Nebo where a decent "Mail Pouch" barn specimen still stands.....
"Treat Yourself to the Best"

I love those barns. If you want to see some beautiful examples of MPBs, go here. Just "treat yourself"........

Feeding the fish, or: "Where's their little underwater castle?"

There's a small pond behind our cabin, and Seraphim went out there with some cracker crumbs to give the goldfish swimming around in there. There were a good dozen or so, and all of them were totally oblivious to the free food product my wife placed atop them. The pond was still in liquid form, although tomorrow morning it would be frozen over.

LEFT: Mr. Rogers would've been proud. Can you say "We're cold?"
RIGHT: Icicles along the cabin. Wanna stand underneath?

Sera went back into the bedroom for a small late-afternoon nap while I walked around outside for a while. I found myself pacing back and forth along the little road at the bottom of the hollow, but I was just drinking it all in. Tomorrow meant going home, so I was trying to cram 51 weeks' worth of West Virginia splendor into 51 minutes.

After the missus woke up, she started on supper. We'd bought a couple of big-ass steaks at the grocery store after getting there Saturday night. She and I dined on succulent New York strip steak and a tasty baked potato. After I finished, I told my wife, "Well, that tasted like crap." To which she responded, "Thank you, sweetheart. I'm glad you liked it."

Yeah, boy. Good eatin' at the cabin tonight.

The evening was spent watching some DVDs, and then we called it a night. A long drive was ahead of us.


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