23 April 2008

Drive-by college memory

This morning, I noticed the Gideons were on the campus of Armstrong, passing out their trademark little green New Testament Bibles.

It took me back to my college days in the '80s, when the group did the same thing. The bibles haven't changed one bit. The Gideons were usually out once per semester.

No high pressure here .... very cordial gentlemen, these Gideons. Would that other religious people were of that stripe.

It does recall a funny memory from my ASU days. Lynda, my then-girlfriend, called me at about 9:15 (my first class was at 10), and said just one thing, and said it in a low, ominous voice: "Beeee-waaaare ooooof the Gideeeeeeeeonnnnnnns...."

I went over to my 8th-floor window, with my panoramic view of the post office and Caraway Road, and - shore 'nuff - I saw little specks of green being handed to passing students.

You had to have heard her say it ....

Ciao for niao.

--Talmadge "Rocky Raccoon, checked into his room...." Gleck

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nettiemac said...

Oh yes, the Gideons. They came to our elementary school and high school, but I don't recall seeing them at C of C.

One of the town businessmen was (maybe still is) a Gideon, and came to our church several times as well to speak about the Gideons and their work. Knowing Mr. Bailey and how he presented it, I never had a negative viewpoint of their work and still don't. They just hand out their Bibles, smile and wish you well. They don't tell you you're doomed for hell because you don't go to a specific church, or any church at all.

Imagine: people sharing their beliefs nicely and quietly, without cramming it down your throat or shouting at you. Why can't a lot more be like that?