10 April 2008

You mean kids WORE this dorky thing?

Baby boomer toy fun:

It even has TURN SIGNALS!

[for the benefit of those visitors from Savannah, Georgia: A "turn signal" - also known as a "blinker" - is a device standard on all motorized vehicles. A lever, mounted to the left side of the steering column, is moved upward or downward, activating lights on each side, front and rear. They flash, which - we assume - indicates to fellow motorists around you in which direction you intend to turn, merge or whatever. Try 'em sometime, they don't bite.]

--Talmadge "Why didn't they make Super Helmet Eight?" Gleck


Seraphim9 said...

OMG....that is the DORKIEST thing I have seen in my life!!! Boy, I bet those boys thought they were all that and a bag of corn chips back then if they owned one.

Although, kids these days NEED this item because too many of them don't have enough sense to know to get out of the road!!!

Kate/Susan said...

Ya know, I kinda want one. Maybe it'd make a nice baby shower gift.

Talmadge G. said...

My question is, while you're speeding along a bumpy trail on your Schwinn, how in tarnation are you supposed to know which switch is which? This thing should've come with a remote control -- warning flasher, left signal, right signal, headlight.

I have this commercial on a tape episode from a cartoon show in the day (I think it was Hoppity Hooper, but that's not important), and later in that same show is another product from the same company (Topper Toys): MULTI PISTOL 9!! (just as dorky)

So, they skipped over 8?