22 May 2008

72 hours and counting

Three entire days without a single carbonated beverage.

And three weeks since I've last had a Coca-Cola (I don't count those three sips of Coke Zero I tried a couple weeks back at Chick-Fil-A).

Dearfolk, this is the longest I've gone without sodas perhaps since grade school!!

My previous goal was 5-6 sodas for the week, however I'm going to see if I can go an entire week without one. Seriously, I doubt I can go that far ..... but I believe I'll try and find out.

I just tell myself "They're empty points, Tal. You maintained 295 pounds with the excessive consumption of Cokes, Squirts, 7-UPs and gawd knows what else .... so it can only make sense for you to drop pounds by slashing this column 75% or more, even if you were to break format otherwise." (said like a true radio person)

Worst case, I'll still be way down on the sugary soft drinks from pre-WW. I'm just waiting for my body to start rebelling against this dietary equivalent of the Drake format.

Okay, I'm thirsty. I could go for some tea.

Ciao for niao.

--Talmadge "Turn off the bubble machine" Gleck


Melissa said...

I vowed years ago never to drink calories. To that end I have learned to drink Diet Soda - Diet Dr. Pepper being the best IMO. I have also learned to drink Club Soda - plain, no flavorings other than maybe a real lime - not easy at 1st b/c you expect it to be sweetand it's not but it can't be an aquired taste. It's fizzy, different than water and not a "diet" drink.

Good luck!

nettiemac said...

Oh THAT Bill Drake -- I thought you meant this guy: http://www.awakewithdrake.com/

(He's a local legend....)

I was able to give up the sweet carbonated drinks fairly easily. I had switched over to diet long ago. Give them up entirely? When you pry the contour Diet Coke bottle from my cold dead hands.

Talmadge Gleck said...

Okay, there IS one - and just one - exception to my categorical dislike of "diet" soft drinks: FRESCA. Squirt-like, not quite as good as The Holy Grapefruit Nectar, but still good - and has a bite to it.

Bought a 12 pack tonight at the store, along with Mr. Pibb for the kid, who's coming over tomorrow.

Lost in this now almost 96-hour soda fast: I have an unopened 12-pack of Squirt in the fridge. Haven't touched it.

Yes, THAT Bill Drake. "Ladies and gentlemen -- the beat GOES ON!!"

--Talmadge "W-H-B-Q! Memphiiiiis!!" Gleck