17 May 2008

Backslide in motion

"....I'm gonna have to penalize you, you-ooooooh!!"

I've been true to the Sacred Point Tablet all week. Until this afternoon, I had not dipped into the weekly 35. But now I have. The reason:

It's that time again. Each season, our local Shriners set up shop in the parking lot of a local tire store on Saturday afternoon, selling boiled peanuts hot and fresh out of the boiler.

I am no match for hot, soft and salty Georgia Goobers. I bought a dime bag--er, I mean a $5.00 bag. And straight to the Gate station I went for a 44-oz. Mountain Dew to wash 'em down.

I knew what I was doing is a little weekend lapsin'.

Or is it?

There are those 35 points, after all. Okay, we had Zaxby's for lunch today while on one of those nice and leisurely Saturday errands here and there. Sera had one of the so-called "Zalads", and I had my usual 10-piece chicken with fries.

But: 1) I had water with it, not Coke, as I have in the past. And 2) Those are the only fast food fries I've had all week. (Wednesday night, we had grilled-in hamburgers with oven-baked Ore-Ida fries. Light buns, too. 20-ish points for the whole meal.)

The big-ass Mountain Dew was the second one I've had since joining WW nearly two weeks ago. I had one last weekend and then one this afternoon. I feel a little bit guilty. Or should I? What about those weekends when I'd have as many as TWO of those 44-oz. drinks from the Gate in a single day. I do recall one day when I had THREE (!!!!!).

Yeah, this was a weekend splurge. One of those a week is more sensible than one a day. I still like them. Sometimes I want one. I tell myself that water is better for me. I continue, "Self, if you abstain completely from those BAMDs, you'll go crazy, then snap. Not a good option."

The good news is, we did a lot of walking around at Lowe's, plus I mowed the backyard this afternoon after we got back home. 5 points, which covered all but one of the BAMD rating (6 citrus lovin' points). Hey, maybe I could fudge in an extra point for the heavy lifting -- Sera dropped some of her extra cake class money on a nice little outdoor bistro table set for our back patio. Plus, a stop by Sam's to get gas ($3.62/9 vs. 3.71/9 in Rincon), and to buy a replacement for the desk chair in The Music Room®. The pneumatic lift loses its air each time I lean back. In other words, it dun wore out. Sam's Club = more walking.

No, I won't fudge. I think 5 "chicken fat" exercise activity points is about right. So that currently has me one (1) point into my weekly 35, which means tonight will be into overtime.

And would you believe that supper is ready! Grilled chicken with mac & cheese. 15 points.

Could be worse.

Be right back.

[SFX: ravenous eating sounds, followed by one long belch]

Supper's finished. Two luscious cluck ta-tas hot off the George Foreman, with M&C sidesaddle. Good as usual.

I've been pretty good so far. And you know what? I think I like having water much better with a fast food meal, particularly as Summer begins to creep into these parts. As we ran our errands, I liked having cold water always there as the ice gradually melted. And no flat or watered-down soda, either. The water kept me hydrated until I saw Those Good Shriners.

I'm doing my damnest to limit my soft drink intake. Used to, it wouldn't be unusual for me to have as many as six (!) Cokes (or Squirt, or "Fountain" Dew, or 7-UP) in a day. Now, I've had what amounts to less than one can per day. Thursday I went wild and had two. But Wednesday and Friday, I went an entire day without carbonated beveragia.

Those around me a lot would consider that pretty freakin' amazing.

I still enjoy my Squirts. And 7-UPs. However, I have realized - without any fanfare or drama - that after nearly 40 years of enjoying them, I am completely off Coca-Cola. True, I haven't consumed a can or bottle of Coke since Squirt became available in this area. I'd still have Coke with fast food meals. Not anymore, though.

As I become acquainted with the point system, and what each food or drink offers, I came to realize that soft drinks are purely empty points. And frankly I'd rather expend extra points on, say, an ice cream sandwich in the evening than on a can of soda.

All and good, however I'm going to do what it takes to make point room for boiled peanuts. I estimate 12 points for a five-dollar bag. Worth every salty goober.

So there you are. The latest from the trenches of lower Tiger Ridge.

Ciao for niao.

--Talmadge "I still brake for boiled peanuts" Gleck

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