11 May 2008

Bless its pointed little meals

Continuing from Friday's post, I sit here on Sunday afternoon. It's 5:09 p.m., and here's how I've done in the inner sanctum of temptation. That being my wife going away for the weekend to her family's annual "mother/daughter" function for Mother's Day. I was going to Alabama to visit the kid, but his band formal was last night. Whookay, scotch that.

I don't cook. Much. But I did survive post-divorce, although it was mostly on a diet of frozen chicken fingers and/or fish sticks, and canned veggies. I can do that. And did. Of course, there was always the fast food. And there was not much variety in the wilds of Troy, which at the time was made up of what I've always called Heartburn's Half Mile -- the stretch of 231 between George Wallace Drive and Brundidge Street. Chock full of your basic fast food horsehooey, including the legendary local institution known as Crowe's Chicken. If only the rest of that sewage lagoon of a city could be as good as Crowe's......

Weirdly enough, I "maintained" during that surreal period of my life (1997-2000). It wasn't until moving to Savannah and marrying Seraphim did I surge upward in the poundage. A decade ago I was, ohhhhh, probably 250-ish.

So, a weekend to myself. And typically I'll do all fast food and fill my gastrics with munchies as I watch classic TV shows I've gotten in trades, movies or whatever. What's really crazy is, I don't have a "sweet tooth." Sure, I enjoy caaaaaan-dyyyyy every now and again (Brach's Candy Corn has been a favorite for as long as I can remember), however I don't eat a whole lot of classic 'dessert'-like items.

So, how have I done? On my last post, I predicted I'd blow my 35 weekly points clear down to Sapelo Island. Did I? Read on:

Day 4 - Friday, 05/09:
As of 6 PM, I'd consumed just three (3) points. Kroger tuna and water. "Lord, I'm crazy 'bout a mercury / Gonna buy me a mercury and eat it right out of the can"

I said I was thinking Arby's, and I did. In the spirit of the expectation being to eat all of our daily points, I planned on gorging myself silly. I ate what has been my 'regular' Arby's spread:
Three (3) roast beef sandwiches, at 7 points apiece (not too shabby): 21
I went crazy and got the large potato cakes: 9
Large Mountain Dew (32 oz.). Now here's where I'm gonna get all Clintonian on everyone ... a 12-oz. sweetened soft drink is 3 points. However, a 12-oz. drink (i.e. can) is all soda. Fountain drink ounce sizes are for THE CUP. And ice displaces much of that capacity. So as I calculate it, a good half (if not more) of the contents are cubes of frozen water. Point value: goose egg.

So, I'm going to calculate for half of the cup's volume. I'd say I had 16 ounces of The Dew (and no, I didn't get me a refill). I'm therefore assigning 4 points to my large Mountain Dew. If Nettie or anyone else objects, raise it in a comment and we'll discuss.

But we had a problem. After 3 tater-cakes and 2 out of the 3 sammiches, I was feeling full. I could've put away that third roast beef, but I remembered that little graphic in one of the WW booklets that said to eat until satisfied, not stuffed. I didn't want to hit the Whammy, so I passed my remaining spin to Puddy.

And, as you might imagine, the girl was quite orgasmic when I got home and gave her sammich #3 (just the roast beast, not the bun -- we're trying to watch her weight, too).

Again, Houston, we still have a problem. I bought 34 points' worth of meal, but only consumed just 27 of it. That left a point surplus of 11.

Fast forward to 11 PM. I went to Kroger and picked up a few items (I love grocery shopping late at night). I've wanted to try those Lean Cuisine pepperoni pizzas. They're about the size of your average Pizza Hut "personal pans", and - amazingly enough - are just basic pizzas. No bells and whistles. Worth a shot, however I was leery about zapping them in the microwave. Bread usually isn't too good in there. And those meals generally say not to prepare in a toaster oven. Well, I thought I'd get one of those and cook it up in the regular oven, and shoot for an even 41 as I watched a movie I rented.

Also I bought a batch of Gorton's fish tenders. Real filet, not minced fish. That was for tomorrow night.

Got home, and opened the pizza box. Well, crap! "Do not prepare in toaster OR CONVENTIONAL oven." Whooookay, guess I'll nuke it then.

Set it for 3 minutes on high, and I gave it a try. Gotta say it wasn't too bad. Quite good actually, although next time I'll shoot for 2.45 or 2.30. The outer crust was a little tough. Seriously, I liked it. Woo hoo, another diversion from friggin' TUNA for lunch. So:

Lean Cuisine Pepperoni Pizza: 7 points.
Can of 7-UP to wash it down: 3

After my 7-UP was finished (it's in a green can with a big "7" on it, and "U-P" after), I had some water, and popped a bag of the single-serve microwave popcorn Sera had gotten. Not too good. There's that perfect "g-spot" for that size a serving -- miss it too soon and you have too many unpopped kernels, too long and it takes hours for the burnt smell to clear. Missed it on the safe side, but I had both - several burnt pieces and a lot of kernels. Well, @#$%. Hardly satisfying, but still just uno pointavo.

Total late-night points: 11. Making for:


Day 5 - Saturday, 05/10:
Surely you jest. I stayed up 'till 4:30, so I slept 'till the crack of noon.

Went outside and mowed the front and side yard after I got up. "Activity" points earned: 4. (it took 40 minutes)

Had a big glass of water afterward (hey, no big-ass Mountain Dew from the Gate station ... there's hope for me yet, I think). Got showered and Simonized, and went down to Pooler to Sam's Club, where I fed Rupert some $3.53/9 petrol. Half a tank's worth, but gas is going up, not down. (Later today it gas went up in town to $3.68/9, so who's laughing now?). Then across Pooler Parkway to chow down.............

Regular Chick-Fil-A meal of two sandwiches and an 8-piece nugget on the side. Instead of the unsweet tea, I tried a large Coke Zero with it. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Indeed, there is no such thing as a good-tasting non-sweetened soda. That stuff was gross. Ecch. Back to tea from now on. Oh well, at least it was still zero points. Total at CFA: the usual 24 points.

Lunch was consumed at about 3:30 p.m. So I waited until about 10 or so and had supper. As previously stated, I bought a box of Gorton's fish tenders.

That's right, I Trusted The Gorton's Fisherman. It was either that, or store-brand minced fish product. Parts is parts. Well, those Gorton's "fish tenders", made from filets (or so the box claimed), were n-a-s-t-y. All breading and little actual fish filet product. If Clara Peller had eaten one, you know what she would've said.

I didn't know Mr. Gorton, with his rain coat and wind-swept beard, was a fisherman in search of the elusive North Atlantic Bermudian Breaded Fishtail.

Well, I calculated the points on that abomination. The entire box (11 pieces - they weren't much bigger than your average fish stick!!) came to 17 points.

With a 7-UP alongside, the supper meal was a nice round 20.

Subtotal: 44 points.

I reached into the bag of grass clippings and made a "withdrawal" of 3 out of 4 earned "activity" points, for my final tally:


I would've done better just getting a bacon cheeseburger meal at Huddle House. No, with all the grease and the server's missing teeth, the points would've been in the triple digits. (Gotta say I actually like the HH cheeseburgers. Sometimes. Not often.)

Day 6 - Sunday, 05/11:
Sunday morning. Here we are.

Stayed up 'till 4:30 ... again ... and woke up when the weather radio started be-bopping with warnings left and right. One of 'em a tornado warning for Effingham. Fortunately, we just got a lot of heavy rain and nothing else. After that little adventure I went to Wal-Mart and got a few things .... ended up walking around in that place for an hour. 10 minutes of walking is 1 activity point. Total of 6 points in the "bank."

Which I then "spent" on a 6-inch roasted chicken on white from Subway (in the Wally World). Had a small water with it. Point value: 6. - zero sum -

After that fun-filled time, I went back to sleep. This would've been about 10:30, and I got up at 2:30. Did Arby's for lunch.

Had one of the "2 for $3.00" roast beef coupons. Ordered a total of 4. That was it.
Went by the Gate station to redeem a freebie 44-oz. Mountain Dew. (buy 5 coffees or drinks and you get one free).

I ate three and gave Puddy #4. 21 points.
Mountain Dew from Gate. 44 / 2 = 22. Round to 24. 6 points.


Amazing. I haven't dipped one iota into my weekly 35. How 'bout them bananas?

Depending on what Sera and I will do for supper, I might have to dip tonight, but certainly not all of 'em.

I got one thing to say about tomorrow night and my second "weigh-in" ... I DAMN SURE have better lost. The bathroom scale, assuming the same discrepancy as last week, shows I've dropped 7 pounds. We'll see.

Don't worry, I'm not going to be logging all of my meals on this blog. What you will be getting is a weekly "report" after the Monday night meeting. [reverb] REPORT ... FROM ... GLECKVILLE!!!!!! [lose reverb]

All this talk about points makes me feel like I've become a girl.

Now for a salad. Crutons, please. And pass that Jane Austen novel.

Ciao for niao.

--Talmadge "2-1/2 hours 'till my wife gets back home" Gleck


nettiemac said...

I'm proud of you!!!!! You're staying in points range. How are you doing with fruits and veggies? I know those can be tough to fit in sometimes.


Talmadge Gleck said...

Fruits and veggies? Veggies have been dismal, but fruit is better than in the past. If only bananas.

Same with water. The problem with water, especially at work, is out of sight out of mind. I've had an average of three per day this past week. Better than the past. Baby steps. I'm getting there.

A lot of these points are still fast food and other foods with the substance of Paris Hilton. I'm getting there. I hope.

Thanks for the encouragement and thoughts.

nettiemac said...

Baby steps are important -- I promise.

For me, the baby steps were especially important on exercise. I was pretty saaaaaaaad at first. I could barely walk out the street without getting totally winded. These days, I'm good for a mile and a half, sometime 2 miles, before I decide it's time to pack it in. Maddox is usually the one looking like "Are we done yet?"

Hang in there. I know you can do this!!!

Oh, a little tidbit. I know you're not much of a milk person, but should you decide to do the cereal & milk thing for breakfast some morning..... 1 cup of strawberries is ZERO points. And that's a bunch to slice up on cereal, and it probably counts for at least 1 fruit serving (if not 2). For most fruits and veggies, a serving is just a half-cup. The exception are the green leafies, like lettuce: then it's a whole cup.

I know you can do it. And don't sweat the flex points - that's what they are there for! I rarely dip into mine, but when I do, sometimes I end up losing more than when I'm so strict..... :D