02 May 2008

The Colonel didn't terrorize just chickens......

I'll bet few of you were aware of Colonel Sanders' little side venture in the '60s and '70s, a noble attempt to compete with the likes of Roy Rogers (which at the time was owned by Marriott and had far more locations than today, including all over the Deep South), Heap Big Beef and an upstart chain called Arby's.

Some time back, on a 1970 Charleston, S.C. radio aircheck, I heard a commercial for something called Kentucky Roast Beef. Of course it had me curious, so I did a little Googling around to see if any pictures were to be found. I wondered if the buildings resembled the red and white striped motif of Kentucky Fried Chicken, but with another color scheme.

I found just one, on a library website from somewhere in Washington state. The KRB buildings looked a bit more elegant and upscale than the chicken restaurants. There's no indication on when this spin-off began, or when the last KRB standing finally kicked the, ummm, bucket.

Also sold at these locations was "Kentucky Ham."

The question which begs asking: how many herbs and spices went into the roast beef and ham sammiches? And were they also a secret?

Ciao for niao.

--Talmadge "Did they do roast beef right?" Gleck


LOTGK said...

I was discussing KFC just a little while ago on my blog and one commenter said he worked for both KFC and Kentucky Beef.
His blog is...

Kate/Susan said...

I was unaware that Kentucky was known for its beef, but then again, I never thought of Kentucky as a chicken capital of the world either.

Very interesting. I like the fancy lettering. My new piece of knowledge for the day :)