19 May 2008

Deal me a deuce

2.0 down this week. That's a loss I'll take and run without complaint, because this time the bathroom scale was off in the other direction. Just prior to leaving for each WW meeting, I've weighed myself to see how our scale compares to theirs. Here are the discrepancies:

Monday, 05/05:
Bathroom -- 291.4 / Weight Watchers -- 295.2

Monday, 05/12:
Bathroom -- 289.2 / Weight Watchers -- 289.2
-0- (how often does this happen?)

Monday, 05/19:
Bathroom -- 288.7 / Weight Watchers -- 287.2

Goals for this week: A little more walking - even if it means parking a few spaces further out from a building; drop to 5 carbonated drinks per week from 6-7; ramp up my water intake (it's not what it should be, but much better than pre-WW).

Good thing the boiled peanut orgy Saturday didn't blow me up; that means if I'm responsible all week, I can 'reward' myself come next weekend. Speaking of which, five more days 'till my son comes over for a week!!

Not much else to report, so ciao for niao.

--Talmadge "8.0 down" Gleck

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