06 May 2008

Looking another gift vein in the needle (thankfully, the needle is a clean one)

Or: Mr. Cross, get off my @#$%ing case!!!!!!!!!!

Allow me to share with you a little phone call I received a few minutes ago. It was from The American Red Cross, and they were informing me that a blood drive was taking place this Friday at Savannah Technical College. And at what time did I want to make an appointment?

Oh brother ... AGAIN??. Do these tele-blood-eters get a commission for each appointment they get (I can see it now - a bonus charm splattered with a few drops of our blood). I've already said why I prefer to deal directly with the local chapter instead of a call center at the national level.

I told her I already gave at the portable office, which means I have 53 more days until I can do this again. And, nicely as I could (although I was a little ticked), that I did not want to receive another phone call like this. That I have marked 56 days on a calendar (June 28, in case you're curious), and after that I'll be seeking another blood drive and - again - will happily allow them to relieve me of some bloodparts.

I'll say it one more time: It's greedy and downright tacky to try and further hit up those who have already given of themselves.

Ciao for niao.

--Talmadge "Down a pint right now, thank you" Gleck

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