01 May 2008

Meet the Communist canines!

It's a done deal, and all over but the crying Indian. And they've unveiled the new logo to go with it. Arkansas State University, although retaining the name Indians for the remainder of this school year, will begin competing this fall as the Red Wolves.

After enduring a few minutes' worth of cringing spasms, the logo -- in some ways -- has grown on me. At least they've gone with the old-style typeface.

In other words, there's a distinct "A-State" look about it. It loosely resembles the logo to your left, one that's been in use for decades. But that damned wolf will take some getting used to, though. It's a long way from (Running or Jumping) Joe.

The true-to-the-brand image I see in the logo is the big silver lining I see in this supercell cloud. It sure as hell beats the insignia adopted for Troy ----- University when the administration threw away thousands (if not millions) of dollars' worth of brand-building all because they thought the word "State" trivialized their puffed-up egos.

The "shield" insignia for Troy University athletics looks like some generic "Spirit" stickers I've seen on many a soccer mom's minivan! At least Arkansas State University didn't have to plagiarize another design. And respected a tradition in the process.

Ummmm, hold the phone. Respecting a tradition? Arkansas State?? Perish the thought.

  • A university with milquetoast-dull boxy yellowish brick facades for most of its buildings.

  • A university that has singly destroyed two of its arterial roads through campus (Caraway Road and Aggie Road) in favor of "pedestrian malls."

  • A university which, literally, paved paradise and put up a parking lot. My beloved practice track behind the College of Communications, home to plenty of after-work midnight walks, conversation, and laying down on a side bench gazing at the stars while the occasional train passes by, was destroyed so some asphalt and yellow lines could be laid down.

  • A university that is ..............
Yeah. This one necessitates a separate post, but first I have some pictures I need to find and scan. Let's just say I'm a little upset about it.

Details, with Pat Prokop weather, at 11.

Ciao for niao.

--Talmadge "I-N-D-I-A-....oops, er, um, I mean RED-W-O-L-V-E-S, means Victory! Go A-State!" Gleck

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nettiemac said...

PC run amuck, my friend. And it's sad.....

If PETA is ever successful in South Carolina, almost every last college would have to change their mascot name -- from Tigers and Gamecocks to Bulldogs, Cougars, and even Chanticleers. The only exemption would be the Newberry No-Longer-Indians-Either and the Presbyterian Blue Hose. Oh yeah, and the Furman Paladins. Can't forget them.

It's a sad day in Jonesboro, and in the hearts of ASU Indians everywhere.