11 May 2008

Nine Points South

(Sounds like a very deranged intersection on Birmingham's southside)

For ten years now, Seraphim and I have had a Sunday ritual that has a shorthand name: CR&B. No, not Creole Rhythm & Blues. (C)innamon (R)olls (&) (B)acon. It started on one of our first ever full weekends spent together. Both of us have enjoyed the Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls for years (Hoo-HOOOOOOO!!) , so one Sunday morning in 1998's May, we split a can -- four each. I made the cinnamon rolls and Seraphim did the bacon.

CR&B has grown into a Gleck family institution, almost worthy of its own religion. "I praise thee, the Poppin' Fresh, the oven mitt and the holy dairy case." "May the icing be with you." "And also on you, I mean WITH you."

Seeing as how this is the first Sunday A.D. -- (A)fter (D)eath of the "old" ways (so we hope .... jury's still out on that) -- I tallied the point value for the almighty CR&B feast. Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls (plain) With Icing tally up to 3 per each. Bacon is 4 points per three-strip serving. On average, we get 18 slices to a pack, which we split. If it comes out to odd numbers, Puddy lucks out.

Ass/u/me'ing a 9-strip, 4-roll CR&B plate, that is a total of 24 points.

Tonight, there were just 8 strips on my plate, so take 1-1/3 away. Okay, we'll say 23.


So I have a day's point deficit of NINE. John Lennon would be so proud.

I'm told the weekly points are supposed to reset on Monday. But my "week" officially started on Tuesday, the day after my first meeting. Dunno how I'm going to handle that one. I think I'll let 'em reset at midnight on Monday. My goal is to save the 35'ers for the weekend.

Five days out of six, I was faithful to The Sacred WW Point Tablet. Day 6, I pull 9 out of the weekly pile, leaving a surplus of 26 for week's end.

Monday should be a straight-and-narrow kind of day. Maybe I'll try another pizza for lunch tomorrow.

In closing, here's a mind-blowing fact: for many years, Poppin' Fresh The Pillsbury Doughboy (who first appeared in commercials in 1965) was voiced by the late Paul Frees. The same guy who also lent his voice to Boris Badenov, among many others. Imagine the madcap fun were the wires to have been crossed. Poke the Doughboy in the stomach, and you hear Boris' voice saying, "Raskolnikov!!!!"

On that note, I say ciao for niao.

--Talmadge "Poke me in the tummy, and your buns will be toast!" Gleck

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