24 May 2008

Not everything about 1997 was bad......

Found this tonight in a small box.

One unassuming afternoon on October 1, 1997, I filled up my '97 Nissan Altima, and bought a drink inside. 6.5 gallons would've about been half a tank. Gas was going for $1.19/9, and the cost was $7.90 .... right now, that same amount would put less than two gallons into a vehicle. Today, gas in Rincon is $3.88/9 at the Gate station.

A lot was going through my mind on this day, including an impending divorce (Josiebelle would move out 10 days later), but gasoline was never a worry. I did think a dollar-19 was a bit steep, but still, I didn't think much about price -- most places were about the same, and within pennies of one another. Today, I watch every price sign like a hawk and when I see Enmark (owned by Colonial Pipeline, the monopoly that sets prices for Savannah) going up, I swoop into the first gas station I can find that hasn't boosted prices to match, and top off the tank.

No, I don't miss 1997, but I do miss those pump prices. I'm just glad that gas was at the dollar level when I was dating Seraphim and making that 93-mile drive to Columbus, Ga. to see her.

Ciao for niao.

--Talmadge "At least we don't have cars that run on diesel!" Gleck


Melissa said...

I believe it was 1997 or 1998 that I bought gas, at a Kroger Gas Station no less, for....drumroll please....88 cents a gallon!!!! That's right 88 CENTS. I was stunned even then....when I think about quarduple that 10 years later it's sickening.

Seriously thought $4.00 a gallon is steep. I might have to stay home from work, not because I'm sick, but b/c the public school system doesn't pay me enough!

nettiemac said...

Yep - cheapest I ever paid was sometime in either late 2000 or early 2001. All I remember was JP was a baby, and I was coming back home from Stacey's. There was a new station and there must have been a gas war going on at that corner .... because I paid 69.9 for regular.

DAMN. Those were the days. My last fill-up on Friday was $54 (granted, I had let it get to the point the gas light came on). The truly sad part wasn't that I just put $54 in my tank, but that I was feeling good about the price. See, the sign on top of the Racetrac said "3.709" but my pump price (after debit card use) said "3.639" .... I had a moment's satisfaction over that.


Talmadge Gleck said...

Damn your upstate S.C. gas prices. Damn them!

What's really disgusting is that Georgia's gas tax only APPEARS to be the lowest in the country (7 cents I think). What many don't know is, Ga. also levies the state sales tax (4%) per gallon. When gas was $1.00 a gallon, it appeared cheap and it was far less than gas in Alabama (I remember when Eufaula had $1.20 and across the river in Georgetown, Ga. it was 99 cents).

Today, with near $4.00 gas, Georgia's effective tax per gallon is 23 cents! Alabama gas is now way cheaper, depending on where you are .... anywhere from 5-20 cents cheaper.

nettiemac said...

Yeah -- when I went to the Cornbread Festival, there was no way I was filling up in Georgia. The prices in Chattanooga were WAY better -- more like home. I paid $3.41 (granted, that was a whole MONTH ago) at the Shell just down from the hotel. It was $3.52 in Ringgold.

And yes, the Upstate usually has cheaper gas than the coast. Surprises me still. But again, go over to North Carolina and you'll just about have a cow at the difference (usually at least 15c a gallon).

What a difference a state line makes.

Seraphim9 said...

*sigh* I remember when I lived in Columbus there was a gas station across the street from the dorms that, on Wednesdays, would sell gas for 50 cents a gallon. This had to have been 1998-ish, near the time Tal and I were getting to know each other.