09 May 2008

Point man

Day 4 of The Big Experiment.

It began with a mean wake-up call. At about 9:30 this morning, I was jerked awake by some massive cramps on my right leg. I could see the waves of contraction on my leg as I dang near yanked the hose clear out of my CPAP machine while bolting out of bed.

I tried the 'urban legend' of biting on my upper lip -- supposedly triggering a nervous reaction that helps ease what's going on downbody. Well, after a few seconds the stabbing pain abated, but the soreness lingers, even as I write. Damn, those things hurt like a mutha.

Man, that's the first leg cramp I've had in ages. I used to have them from time to time, however I honestly cannot remember the last time I had one.

This must be my body's first rebellion to what has been a near-seismic change in my eating. Monday, I joined Weight Watchers. And after officially starting the new eating pattern Tuesday morning, I've been faithful to my 41 allotted points for days 1 through 3.

Here's a little review of what I've eaten so far.......

Day 1 - Tuesday, 05/06:
(no breakfast - I did my weekly half-day 'telecommute')

Ate a banana and had some water when I got up. 2 points.

One (1) can of Kroger brand white tuna in water: 3 points
One (1) can of The Grapefruit Nectar Of The Gods, Squirt®: 3 points
A buttload of crackers (original Premium Na-biiiis-cooo *ding!*): 8 points
(largely a case of prolonged munchies. Four crackers is one point. Damn, those things sure add up....)

Chick-Fil-A. Two (2) CFA sandwiches and one (1) 8-piece nuggets. Essentially what I usually get at CFA. Except I forewent the large Coke and instead went with a large unsweet tea (with a couple of "Splenda" packs). Unsugared tea is nada. A large Coke would've been 6 points. Chick-Fil-A sandwiches are 9 points per, and the 8-nugget pack is 6. Total: 24 points.


Day 2 - Wednesday, 05/07:
Breakfast is good, so they say. I started out with a bang. One (1) Subway 12-inch roasted chicken sub. White bread. No cheese. Meat and bread only (I'm serious). 12 points
One (1) 32-oz. unsweet tea from Parker's (a local convenience store chain). Passed up what I've long usually gotten: a Mountain Dew out of the fountain. Either way, I desperatedly needed a shot of caffeine. Went with the zero-point option instead (although my heart craved Doing The Dew).

Can of aforementioned Kroger brand white tuna in water: 3
Finished off cracker sleeve from day before: 4
Squirt "Holy Nectar": 3

Banana: 2

Two (2) pork chops, hot off the George Foreman: 8 (2 x 4 oz.)
Two (2) cups' worth of white rice: 8
Big ol' honkin' glass of Seraphim's Splendid Splenda Tea Product: nada.


Day 3 - Thursday, 05/08:

A luffly "Del Monte" brand banana: 2
Glass of SSSTP for the commute in: 0

Stopped at Kroger on the way to the island where I pondered something besides friggin' TUNA for lunch. Perused the "healthy" frozen foods section, and -- yet again -- lamented the lack of options for us 'spartan' (okay - picky!) eaters. All of the "Lean Cuisine", "Smart Ones" and "Healthy Choice" dinners are full of frou-frou pseudo-haute food things. Okay, the turkey breast looked good, but not the "vegetable medley" that went with it. Sorry, but if I want to buy a frozen dinner, I at least want to eat all of it .... or at least everything besides the grotesque muffin-like dessert thing.

There was just one of those dinners I found to my liking, and that's the chicken alfredo. Bought one for lunch.

After I went to the bathroom to wash off all that damned estrogen, I went on to work.

Seriously, why can't just one of those companies market something called, say, "Healthy Basics" - where they have simple yet sensible portions of basic 'comfort food.' For some of us guys who are also trying to change some long-established habits? Please? No offense to the "chicks", but I ain't one.

And this lack of quick and simple options, I'd say, is one reason I've fallen off the wagon in the past, ya know?

Okay, back to the countdown.

Jingle: LUNCH!!!:
Lean Cuisine brand chicken alfredo dinner: 6
[Despite it being woefully small, I felt rather satisfied afterward.]
One (1) Seven (7) -Up soft drink: 3

Banana: 2

Dinner with Seraphim with Chick-Fil-A (can't get enough of it).
Same basic meal as above: 24

Sera had her cake class, and I went to the library with the laptop to do some editing of a radio show I produce. When I picked her up after class, we tallied our points and we were both a bit short. I lacked 6.

We both were hungry, so we had a kind of a "post-supper" meal at Chick-Fil-A on the way back home. I thought I'd try the chargrilled chicken. I did this with not a little trepidation. The last time I had any "grilled" chicken fast food item, I tasted that thing for an entire day. Ecch.

Ordered one (without the garden, and on a regular bun), with a water. Seraphim had one on a wheat bun. Wasn't too bad, actually, but I still prefer the tried-and-true "classic." Total: 5 points.


Which brings us to this morning, and my little PITL. So, is three days' worth of change causing my decrepit body to start doing weird things? Are we talking insufficient levels of sodium or potassium? Hardly. But I wonder if sugar deficiency plays a role? I've had just THREE (!!!!) carbonated, sweetened beverages in the last three days. One a day. Hell, that's what I used to put back in a single day, or just the workday alone!!!

Maybe it's the adjustment ... my body saying, "Whoa, dude, where's the junk????"

I'm working a later shift today, so again there was no breakfast. Had tea on the way into work, and for lunch I ate one can of Kroger tuna, and I had a water instead of a Squirt. (insert dramatic music cue here)

It's almost 6:00 and I have consumed just three (3) points today. 38 left. Seraphim's on the way to Albany for the annual Mother/Daughter shindig, so I'm on my own. Here's to a good dinner (I'm thinking Arby's), and maybe some popcorn or another nice snack later tonight.

Again, can I hold on to this? It seems encouraging SO FAR. I mean, I've been able to enjoy some meals I normally eat. Chick-Fil-A, for one. Also, Arby's. A regular roast beef is 7 points. I can put away three of those, and usually have. 21 points.

My usual meal at Cracker Barrel (Chicken & Dumplings with three sides, plus two biscuits) is 26 points. I suspect my beloved Breakfast Sampler plate at IHOP is in the 30 point range.

It appears as if I can maintain some of these eating patterns, but with some slight fine-tunes (ditching the fries, for example ... and replacing a soda with unsweet tea; Splenda really helps in that department -- I can't tell the difference, and it dissolves much easier than sugar or Equal).

That sure as hell beats giving up all those things. I just eat more conservatively during the workday, dropping the cashews and other munchy-foods I'm way too guilty of putting away, and I can still enjoy some of these edible pursuits.

So far, so good. And my 35 bonus points remain untouched (although I'm sure I'll blow those out of the water tomorrow).

Ciao for niao.

--Talmadge "Sore hobbler" Gleck

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Melissa said...

Way to go Mr. Gleck! :) Changing old habits is hard!

I agree that if healthy food was easier to get and they had more appealing options it would be easier...hmmm...there might be a future in this!!!! :)
Good luck!