04 May 2008

Sittin' Southside at a Food Court table

...one token over the line!

I know Savannah Mall is hurting for tenants and business, but they must be desperate -- they now have marijuana vending machines in there!

I took this a week or so back when the missus and I -- against my better judgment -- were eating supper at the Savannah Mall food court just before her cake class. My Chick-Fil-A sandwich was ecchy (I don't get it - the freestanding locations are all good and fresh, while the CFAs at both of our malls serve up sandwiches prepared in 1992). And the one slice of Pepperoni pizza I got from Sbarro was reheated.

Like I said, "against my better judgment." Note to self: Next time, go for that hinky "Hot Stuff" or "Buffet" pizza at the convenience store.

Savannah Mall is the newer of our two indoor shopping meccas. Uglythorpe--I mean, Oglethorpe Mall was the first, opening in 1969 (trivia: Chick-Fil-A #1 is in Atlanta's Greenbriar Mall. Store #2 is the one in Oglethorpe.) That mall has since been renovated and expanded, and despite Savannah Mall's architecture appearing a bit more, shall we say, 'haute', Oglethorpe is the more 'successful' of the city's malls. But this is Savannah we're talking about -- embracing the old while rejecting the new. :-)

As uppity as the mall looks, sad to say there isn't much to it. The food court is very limited (there used to be a really good Wendy's, but it's since closed), half the storefronts are empty, and while it's bounced back from being on the verge of closing altogether in 2002-03, it's still quite dead. There's a good A.C. Moore in there (I have it on good authority they have a very awesome Wilton cake teacher), a Target, and a Bass Pro Outdoor World. Otherwise, it's very depressing inside that mall. I mean, there isn't even a music store or a Radio Shack. And while Oglethorpe has a Barnes & Noble, Savannah Mall has a Waldenbooks. Good gawd, that's like an '80s timewarp!

All this is just academic; the truth is, I don't like malls anymore. I'm 43 years old, not 17. And it's depressing to pass by the arcade (yes, Savannah Mall has one), and see a ghost town inside. Memories of Aladdin's Castle in Hot Springs Mall on Friday and Saturday nights in 1982-83 and it being more crowded than Times Square on New Year's Eve.

Galaga, anyone?

Ciao for niao.

--Talmadge "Not Tiffany" Gleck

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