03 May 2008

Why must Kentucky have all the glory?

Kate/Susan posed this comment to my post the other day about Kentucky Roast Beef:
"I was unaware that Kentucky was known for its beef, but then again, I never thought of Kentucky as a chicken capital of the world either."

Kentucky's role in the evolution of pressure-fried cluck flesh is simply that of being the right state at the right time. Chew on this: Harland Sanders operated not one but TWO locations of Sanders Motor Court & Cafe. ("I'm a CHAIN!!!") The home location, of course, was Corbin, Kentucky. But Sanders Court #2 was in Asheville, N.C.

What if Harland Sanders had perfected his fried chicken recipe in Asheville instead of Corbin? And, since there's no such thing as a "North Carolina Colonel", we'd instead be singing the praises of Tarheel Harland's North Carolina Fried Chicken. Our original recipe is to be, rather than to seem finger-lickin' good. '60s commercials would've encouraged us to "Visit the Tarheel."

But, lest any of you think Kentucky had the chicken market all locked up, I give you:

Yes, Maryland Fried Chicken. I believe it was started in Florida along about 1960, and developed into a chain of take-out chicken restaurants mainly along the Eastern seaboard. And like many other "dead" chains, a number of them still remain as independent operations, each retaining the old name. Albany, Georgia has at least two locations today. Pictured above is the original MFC signage, for the location on north Slappey Drive.

I've never eaten Maryland Fried Chicken, despite having made many visits to Albany (a/k/a The Artesian City, Good Life City (I dare you to say that one with a straight face), Pine Bluff Of The East) over the last decade. I've never had any, although I want to try some one of these days. I'm sure my luffly wife-matter has partaken of the stuff at least once in her life, though. It might be plenty good, but I'd be surprised if it's anything as good as Crowe's.

I'll bet Maryland Fried Chicken offers some tasty side dishes, too: Baltimore Potato Salad, Chesapeke Cole Slaw, and those fantastic, world-famous Annapolis Hush Puppies.

Why couldn't we have had Georgia Fried Chicken? I'd love a three-piece dinner with a side of luscious Terrell County boiled peanuts. Mmmmmmmm ...... *drool*

Now if you'll excuse me, I must go back to counting the days 'till our local Shriners are out on Saturday afternoon selling hot boiled peanuts.

Ciao for niao.

--Talmadge "Original or Extra Snarky?" Gleck

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nettiemac said...

Oh Susan ..... my dear, my best friend is from Laurel County, KY, home of the very First Ever KFC (in Corbin). But the county seat is London (her actual hometown) and they have a yearly World Chicken Festival -- if they could find a way to combine the Chicken Festival with last weekend's Cornbread Festival in Tennessee, then by God, we'd ALLLLLL be happy and the nation would be in an even bigger obesity crisis.

I'm planning to attend one year, just to say I've been.

As far as chicken places, I remember Maryland Fried Chicken (one lone stand in particular in Greenville) but never went there. I'm partial to the Colonel myself, but I also like Bojangles. And I dearly ADORE Popeye's, but there's not one within spitting distance of Liberty.

Of course, none is ever quite as good as homemade .... unless you have homemade from our house, and then you're better off with KFC. I love my momma, but she can't fry chicken.

PS: Verification word is "dodnv" ... to which I say, No, that's one problem I surely don't have -- Signed, The Pacifist.