27 May 2008

"Wow, you're consistent!"

So said the nice lady at the weigh-in a little while ago.

There was no meeting in Rincon due to the Memorial Day holiday, so I went up to Springfield (6 miles from here) to see how I'd done for the week.

I debated skipping, but I decided this early in the process I wanted to face the music. Yeah, and the suspense would kill me otherwise. I didn't attend the meeting; you could call this a drive-by weigh-in. Or a "weigh-by."

Anyway, consistency is the name of the game. I lost removed an even 2.0 pounds. Again, my "official" weight ends in a ".2": 285.2

I did this after work, just going through Rincon on the way out there, so I didn't get to do a pre-weigh on the bathroom scale.

What did I do differently? Eating-wise, not much. I had about as much water as the previous week, but a lot more activity. More than usual (see below).

But drinking involved a change of near-Biblical proportion; only two times did I consume any CO2-based beverages. Last Friday, if you remember, I broke down and had most of a can of Squirt. And yesterday, during our "Family Fun Day" with Tiger (including bowling and mini-golf, and racking up 12 - count' em - 12 "Chicken Fat" activity points in the process), we ate supper at Ci Ci's, where I ate those points and then some. 7 slices of pepperoni pizza (nearly a whole medium) and two servings of Barq's Root Beer. I counted and logged 40 points for that gluttonous exercise.

In the end I dipped 17 points into my weekly 35. And still dropped another deuce.

I'll take that without complaint.

Goals for this week: More water. Water, water, water. A little more "good for me" stuff. Maybe not just two sodas, but I'll aim to have no more than four. Sound reasonable?

Ciao for niao.

--Talmadge "TEN DOWN, BABY!" Gleck


nettiemac said...

YAHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I find that the weeks I sneak into the flex points, I generally end up losing a little more than I expected. Almost like your body says, "OH! Thank you! You gave me some extra calories to work on -- and in return, I'll remove some more weight just for you!!"

You're doing well!!!

Kate/Susan said...

Way to go!!!! That is so awesome. I realized that I am 3 days away from my first weigh in. Hopefully I'll see a minus number too! :)

Let me know how you make out with the water... That's what I am struggling with too!!! I'm not drinking soda, I just find I'm not drinking ANYTHING.

Word Verification: Tazee, or tasty without the pesky calories :0D