09 June 2008

Take the minus and run, I suppose

Previously on Talmadge Drops a Load (of weight), I'd removed 2.8 pounds for a total of 12.8 ....

...leaving me 2.2 pounds to drop before I hit another 5-pound plateau (15).

I asked for 2.2 pounds, I dropped 1.2. How's that for being born under a bad sign?

Dunno what I've done differently -- I was hoping for at least 1.5, ya know? Mowed the grass last week, walked for about 90 minutes Saturday, including the entire length - both floors - of Savannah Mall while Seraphim was doing a cake demo at A.C. Moore.

I used all but 11 of my weekly points up 'till weigh-in. While I had maybe four Frescas over the previous week, I drank just two 44-oz "BAM-D" drinks - Thursday night and another on Saturday with my boiled peanuts. No carbonated stuff either Sunday or Monday, as I'm told it allegedly causes one to retain a few pounds.

Then again, it might've been that Huddle House bacon cheeseburger plate. Had that late Saturday night for a quick supper after Sera went to bed early. 22 points total for that mess of grease, but it was good ... and I stayed within my limits. That's the important part.

Water: I realized I've been terribly underestimating my water intake. Counting a single 16.5 oz. bottle water as a serving, when it's actually TWO (one serving = 8 oz.). We switched to decaf tea, as I mentioned earlier. This means I've done close to, if not exceeded the recommended quota for water.

So I didn't cross 15 pounds. There's always next week. Hmph.

Goals for this week: Two dairy items (see below) each day. Also, try and get to bed a little sooner this week. The metabolic benefit can't hurt. Neither can my sleep deficit.

In other news, this morning I had one of the "No sugar added" Carnation Instant Breakfast pouches, French Vanilla flavour. "TALMADGE -- DON'T DRINK IT ! ! ! !"

Too late. I already did.

I poured myself an 8-oz. glass of 1% milk (Talmadge has just put the words "I", "poured myself" and "milk" in the same sentence ... this is getting a mite bit scary). I then folded the powdery Carnation payload into the Kroger brand 1% milk, stirred and proceeded to drink.

I more or less chugged the glass. Here's where it gets weird, though: I tasted mostly the milk while I drank it as fast as I could. Seraphim could nicely describe the face I made while drinking the milk, and I'm sure it looked an awful lot like this:
That's yours truly, age 15, in June of 1980 while on a canoe trip down the Mississippi. Can't you tell I'm just lovin' them vienna sausages?? Even though the letters "WTF??" were nowhere near the vernacular of 1980, it's clearly what I'm thinking.

You see all that hair? It should be proof that I had some once upon a time.

Well, the Instant Breakfast didn't kill me. Yet. What I found most curious about the whole thing was that while at 7:20 this morning I tasted 3 parts milk to 1 part "french vanilla", by 8:30-9:00, after I got into work, I was tasting the vanilla. Tasted it much of the morning, in fact.

And I gots me some fiber into me plumbing. Wowsie.

Final grade: B-minus-minus. Meh. Passable. It's breakfast, and I shouldn't be skipping it like I've been doing. If I do this every morning, and leave enough pointage for an ice cream sandwich (Kroger now carries the kind with vanilla wafers - not chocolate), that gets me two dairy servings daily.

And what's the deal with the "healthy oils" anyway? Are they in certain foods, or do I actually have to buy that stuff and take spoonfuls (ecch?) ........?????

Okay, tonight at the WW meeting their vanilla smoothie mixes were on sale for $5.00 a box (7 pouches). That's the same price for the 8 of the CIB packets at Publix. Each packet is 1 point. Mixed with milk, it's 3 (1% - or, in old school parlance, "skim" milk - is 2 points per 8-oz. glass). Funny thing, one can mix the WW Smoothie powder with plain water instead. I might try it both ways.

I'll give a report on that in the morning. I'll try the WW stuff.

Wednesday morning I'll give one of those ready-made Atkins vanilla shake-like thingys an audition.

Oh yeah, and I still have to try that V8 "Splash" stuff. Kate/Susan says The General likes it, so I regard that as an encouraging seal of approval (arf! arf!).

That's it from the trenches of Rincon.

Ciao for niao.

--Talmadge "14 points down" Gleck


Kate/Susan said...

An even 14--congratulations! :-) That's so great. I can't wait to see what you think of the Splash. I think it's pretty good, and when we finished our exercise last night, that's all The General wanted to drink--a big glass of it on ice. :-0

nettiemac said...

Hey -- take every loss you can!!!! And enjoy!