06 June 2008

Today, on Food Network...

It's the fast-food sensation that's sweeping Germany ... it's Cheeseburger-In-A-Can!!

Wonder how many Weight Watchers points this would be. Maybe zero. Perhaps WW will even GIVE you bonus points just for having this in front of you. I've a feeling the very sight of this in the flesh (look at some more pictures, including a nice shot of the beef - such as it is - on the above linked website) would make one never want to go near another cheeseburger as long as they lived!

As long as it takes to prepare (it says to boil the unopened can), you could easily cook up your own damned cheeseburger!!

Oh well, at least it makes a friggin' Boca Burger look appealing. Or one from a school cafeteria.

Ciao for niao.

--Talmadge "Almost makes me want to consider becoming a vegan" Gleck

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