17 July 2008

More WW nuts and bolts from this nut

Here's a (modified) version of the comment I posted to Kate/Susan's weight blog. She outlined her post by items and I responded to each:

1. Accountability:

That scale each Monday night at 6:30 is quite the motivator. I don't fear it like I thought I would, although I didn't like seeing "295.2" written down when I had my first weigh-in. I just told myself "At least it wasn't 300+!"

I'm not accountable to anyone but myself and that scale. This is a challenge and I'm excited about it.

This is something I could NEVER have imagined myself doing just six months ago.

2. Not Going It Alone:

True enough. My wife is my partner in this journey, and you all are also in the car with us. We celebrate all the dwindling numbers of the mile markers we pass each week.

3. Making Smarter Food Choices:

Baby steps here. Sometimes I think I'm abiding the point system in letter, but not much in spirit. I'm making way better choices with fast food, but I haven't really made a whole lot of "healthy" inroads yet.

I still eat french fries, just twice a week - not 1-2x day.

I've found that I am very conservative during the day -- popcorn in the morning, Lean Cuisine or Tuna or baked fish for lunch, and save at least 20-25 points for supper. That way I can still 'indulge' and not feel the agony of 5:00 PM and only 10 points left.

I save the 35 extra points for the weekend, especially Saturday. That's the day I more or less "let loose." A reward for being good throughout the week ... yet still within "the format."

Originally I was going to cut sodas back to 1x/day instead of 1x/hour (or so it seemed). Indeed, it's Melissa's words -- "drinking calories" -- that burrowed into my brain and took root. I still like that 44-oz. Mountain Dew at the Gate station. I still consume. Just two a week (a limit I've since set), and not two per day - as sometimes was the case.

I've learned that Diet Mountain Dew in the bottle is very, very good. So now I have two diet drinks in my repertoire: Fresca and DMD.

4. Exercise/Activity:

I'm doing A LOT more walking. And as soon as I sink below 250 (21 pounds to go), I'd like to find a bicycle.

I miss the days in junior high and early high school when I put lots of miles on my ten-speed. Effingham County is God's Country for bicyclists -- nice and rural in most places and flat as a board. I want to partake!

And when I get toward 210-220 (MAYBE by our next WV trip), I so want to get back into some hiking. I miss that. I think about climbing Pinnacle Mountain west of Little Rock back in 1987. 180 pounds, and the climb was less tiring than it's been just climbing stairs today.

5. Seeing Tangible Results

A couple of my pairs of shorts do seem to be less 'snug', but other than that, I haven't noticed anything "tangible" ... yet ...

6. Focusing on Myself: For far too long I've been taking care of many other people in my life. Now at age 32 11/12, I've realized I need and deserve to take care of myself

Good point, although I'll never stop taking care of Seraphim. (Yeah, I'll TAKE CARE OF HER, heh heh..... ;-))

7. Unintended benefits

The other week, one of my co-workers (part-time) was doing trash duty - it was her week - and she remarked how well I seemed to be doing ..... "All I see in your trash can are water bottles and Fresca, and not overflowing with Coke and Squirt."

I took that as a compliment.

8. Rewards

My first big goal is reaching 10% (29.5#) by August 11. I might hit it by the 4th, who knows? If I can make it by then, I might treat myself to a couple of classic TV episodes from Shokus Video.

The next goal is "40 By The 'Ham" -- to drop 40 pounds by early October when I'll be going to Birmingham for a few days. I'm rewarding myself when I hit 40: $100 shopping spree at Charlemagne Record Exchange in B'ham. I haven't spent that much in a record store since, hell, early '90s????

10% - down to 264.7 by August 11.
40 BY THE 'HAM: October 6.
60 POUNDS GONE by Christmas
70 POUNDS GONE by West Virginia (early February '09)
95.3 POUNDS GONE by May 4, 2009 - one year after joining WW (less than 200 pounds).
100 POUNDS GONE by September 2009 ... 20 years since I last weighed in the 190s.

Can I do this? If the last two months are any indication, it looks bright. (Now what did I do with my Timbuk 3 souvenir sunglasses?)

Final thought: there's a great picture of us (Kate/Susan, The General, Nettiemac, Sera, myself) around the big table at the Pooler Carey Hilliard's back in March. Nettie was the lightest one at the table. Next time we're all together, we'll be able to celebrate our combined "removals" ... and we'll have another pic taken and be able to see the difference!!

'Till then, we all press onward and downward!!

--Discount Tal

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