14 July 2008

Next week ... 25!!

After a big weekend in the wilds of Deer Stand Hill, Alabama, I submitted myself to the Disciples of Nidetch and big silver measuring platform therein.

I didn't cop another 2+ pound removal this time .... but it was still a good one; I dropped another 1.6 pounds. And since I'm taking anything over -1.5 as a good week, then I'm calling it good.
Cume figure is -24.2 pounds. Sure, I would've loved to have had 2.4 gone this week, in order to clear the 25# mark, but that's what next week is for.

Looks like I'm on a good fast track toward my first big goal: 10% gone (29.5 pounds) by Monday, August 11.

Ciao for niao.

--Talmadge "271 even" Gleck