28 July 2008

No gripes.

Another weigh-in, another removal: -0.8 pounds. Honestly, I was happy to see that minus sign. I'll explain shortly. The good news is, I crested 25 pounds and now have a cume drop of -25.4 as I begin week #13 on the program.

This was one I didn't feel too good about beforehand. We had several meals out (Sera's birthday was last week) and I was faced with having to do a lot of guessing because, unlike fast food, a lot of "casual dining" restaurants DO NOT HAVE THEIR NUTRITIONAL FACTS AVAILABLE, either in restaurant or online. This makes it more than a little difficult to track the points, so I can stay within the parameters of The Format. Go figure - most all the fast food places have their entire dietary boilerplates available, but not most of the dishes at your your more upscale or midscale sit-down outfits.

Friday night, we ate at Bennigan's, where I had the Guinness fish & fries. What I did was tally each piece of fish as if it were Captain D's. They looked similiar (read: greasy with lots of breading), so I figure I was in par. They didn't have baked potatoes at Bennigan's, so I had to go with the fries. Ruby Tuesday's fries are 7 points, so I ass/u/me'd that french fries are french fries are french fries.

Then Saturday we had our big blowout. Logan's Roadhouse, baby. First time here since pre-WW. Seraphim's choice. The only data available on Logan's? The *sighhhhhh!* yeast rolls. Their wonderfully awesomely heavenly to-murder-for yeast rolls. Those puffy 'n' buttery puppies clock in at 6 points each. I had two.

Steak is steak is steak, is it not? Roughly a point per ounce on lean beef, right? 11-ounce Logan plate ... 11 points. Had both a baked potato and (had to have 'em) fries. Again, I totaled based on an average baked 'tater (plain, with butter; no bells & whistles), and "causal dining fries." As is now the case in restaurants, I had unsweet tea to drink with "Splenda."

"Okay, Tal, Logan's has those big-ass buckets of salted-in-shell peanuts on each table. Exactly how many of those goobers did you inhale??!!" Good question. I guesstimated five (5) points for the peanuts. Honestly, I didn't have that many; maybe a cup and a half at most. I think I was good with the peanuts.

Good thing: I had not a single sugared soda over this last week. Not a single "BAMD" from the Gate station.
Not so good thing: I think, again, I might've had more Diet Mountain Dew than water earlier on in the week. I tried making up for the water intake over the weekend, for whatever that might've been worth.

Saturday I used all but 10 of my weekly points. As per normal, I save the 35 weekly column for the weekend. Sunday I was within format, but the scale was not looking too good.

This morning, I got up and it appeared as if my "naked-before-the-shower" weight was 5 pounds over what it was Thursday. When I got dressed, I stepped on that scale again before leaving, and it showed a weight - a morning, nothing-eaten-yet, weight - of 271.3, more than my anemic loss last week! WTF??!!

It takes 3,500 calories to make a pound of fat. That's roughly 70 points in WW-ese. I'm sure I wasn't accurate with my guesstimated points over the weekend, but there ain't no @#$%ing way I ate that many underestimated points. Take the Logan's peanuts, for instance. I doubt very soberly that I ate enough peanuts over and above my logged 5-point tally to cause a net gain over the week. Uh uh, no sir.

Water gain? Bloat? Yeah, sure. I might be in Weight Watchers, but that doesn't mean I've turned in my Y chromosome and phallic third limb.

It's like this: I have yet to log a gain, and I don't want to do so unless I can produce a damn good reason for it, i.e. going off the board and not counting points. For me, it's about an explaining factor. If I'm following The Format, I want to see some golldurned ratings.

Monday, as usual, was a regular "arch-conservative" eating day, prior to weigh-in. Sera and I did a few laps around the walking track at Armstrong after work before heading for the WW meeting. Dunno what effect that might've had, but The Official Scale said I dropped 8/10ths of a pound.

Okay, I can live with that. At least I crossed the 25 threshold. Only 4.1 pounds left to go before I hit 10%. My original goal was August 18, but after that back-to-back 2.8 drop a month ago, I moved it back to August 11. Well, now it's returning to the 18th. Three weeks.

This week I'm going to be hyper-religious about the water, and will not eat a single bite of food for which I do not know the points. There'll be no guessing this week. I want another 2.0 week, or at least a 1.5 -- that ain't asking too much, is it?

Ciao for niao.

--Talmadge "269.8" Gleck


Kate/Susan said...

Congrats on breaking 25, no matter how you did it! :-) Those rolls are almost worth going over for. Yum... I love the ones at Golden Corral too.

Word verification: xduoggh

No more bread dough! :-)

Talmadge Gleck said...

No more bread dough? That's a tall order. (yes, the ones at GC are good ... but that's now one place I'm petrified of darkening!)

Kate/Susan said...

I do very well at GC if I fix myself a monster salad before eating "real food"... The General dives right in, but he can only eat what I put on his plate, so he's at my mercy to be generous or not. >:-)

Talmadge Gleck said...

I don't do the salad thing at GC. I go straight for the fried chicken pile. Seeing a fresh batch of breast pieces piled in the bin, with steam rising, is a beautiful sight.

Then there's the fried fish, the pizza, the steak fries .....

Did I mention I was petrified about going within a statute mile of a Golden Corral?