07 July 2008

Okay, so it didn't suck -- just call me consistent.

After a holiday weekend, which presents a weight-removal challenge to many, I stepped on the scale this evening with limited confidence. I didn't expect much due to last week's amazing 2.8 drop, plus we had in-laws over for the Fourth of July weekend. I was just hoping to crest 20 pounds, which I could've done with -1.2 or more.

Did I ever. The scale indicated yet another 2.8 pounds vanished over the past week. Good gawd on a Pogo-Ball.

Okay, I had off work today - slept 'till the crack of noon - and all I consumed today was a 7-point Lean Cuisine pepperoni pizza. That, and four servings of ice water. I'm sure that didn't exactly hurt tonight's weigh-in.

I've consumed lots and lots of water. Kept within my point limits. Done those things right. 12 points' worth of activity, on top of that.

Grand total as I begin week #10 of Weight Watchers: -22.6 pounds.

On a somewhat related note: The WW meetings in Rincon are held at Goshen United Methodist Church just outside of town on Highway 21.

The below picture, I swear to you on a stack of, ummmmm, Cokesbury Hymnals?, is exactly how we saw these items on their "This-Do-In-Remembrance-Of-Me Table." Neither of us posed them; these are how they looked:

My Child, Take This Grape Juice For It Is My Blood. And My Body Is This Stale Loaf of Bread Next To It. Amen. Oh, and don't forget to grease my felt-lined brass urn. Glory.

This is one big reason I'm not comfortable as a Protestant. The Bible clearly says wine. W-I-N-E. WINE.

Grape juice and week-old deli bread as proxy for Christ?? And you think I'm being blasphemous??!!

Ciao for niao.

--Talmadge "272.6" Gleck

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Kate/Susan said...

Great job again! You're closing in on 10% rapidly!!! Sheesh, I better do real well this Saturday or you'll be leaving me in the dust :-)