28 August 2008

Hanna Savannah?

Last night, Pat Prokop said this storm would make the typical curve and threaten Bermuda, if at all. Above is the NHC forecast track as of 11:00 this morning. Some models have Hanna doing that curve in just enough time to make everyone from Cape Hatteras to Cape Canaveral sweat bullets ... to making a left turn instead and going toward Florida. Ohhhhhh, schitt.........

"Gunga Jim" Cantore must be having multiples by now. If I start seeing Weather Channel reporters descending on this area, then I'll know it's time to Worry.

Ahhhh, there's nothing like an early welcome to September.

--Talmadge "I don't want either of both worlds" Gleck


Melissa said...

oh my gosh...
Ok...I had a long summer and with school starting again on ummm Tues I'm still looking for downtime....a few years ago we had Hurricane Isabel - came ashore at Kill Devil Hills, NC - and we scored 2 days off school in the 2nd week and it was Thurs/Fri combo - sweet - oh and there was not much in the way of a storm in DC. So anyway, just the other day I said "man we need a hurricane so I can get a few days off soon.....
I seriously had no idea that there was any chance at all of that happening..I mean I'm 33 and I know of 2 hurricanes in my lifetime that have come up the coast intact - Gloria in 1985 (I think) and Isabel in 2003 - it's def not something that happens often....

Oh and Jim Cantore is in his element - it's kinda fun to watch him, he just gets so excited...it's like winter weather guy who gets all fired up when it snows!

Talmadge Gleck said...

I was in the middle of one hurricane - Opal in October '95. The eyewall passed about 10 miles west of Troy; it remained something like a category 2. I was on the air all evening, in a building built in the '60s to double as a bomb shelter. All I heard were the sound of our two portable generators providing power to the main control room.

I recall our engineer, at the station with me, taking a smoke break at the door (inside!), and he cracked open the door, and let go of his still-lit ciggy ... I saw that little orange glow disappear from his hand at ~100 MPH!

The storm's worst was 8-11 PM. I worked 3 PM to midnight ... or so it seemed. I signed us off at 1 Am when things seemed to die down.

Tried to get home and I couldn't. Trees blocked the main drag toward the house, so I had to double back to the station, where I spent the night on my office desk, using an old burlap mailsack as a pillow.

I ended up having to cover the morning shift, too, because that person had a pine tree on his house. He woke me up, telling me what happened. I sent him back home (amazingly, only damage to our house was a torn screen door and a missing window shutter), and worked for him. I finally got relief at 2:30 PM. Thank gawd Mickey D's was open and serving - I was starving!

One hurricane per lifetime is enough for me, I say.

Seraphim9 said...

LOL, Melissa....sometimes you have to watch what you wish for.

For example, after Tal and I first met and he was telling me where he went to college and that nobody knew where Jonesboro, Ark. was, he said, "I wish something would happen to put Jonesboro on the map."

Not too much later, Jonesboro hit national news with their high school shootings.

Tal said, "Well, I didn't mean something like THAT!!!"

Seraphim9 said...

Jim Cantore - he's so orgasmic over the Tropical Twins that people think he's re-enacting the cafe' scene from "When Harry Met Sally".

Talmadge Gleck said...

It indeed got old having to always tell people where Jon'burr WAS. For a long time, I'm sure some folks thought Ark. State was located in the city of "Jonesboro About 70 Miles Northwest of Memphis."

And when I said those words (and I still cringe when I think about saying that, and the TIMING to those shootings), I was thinking along the lines of Couch's BBQ winning some national competition. Ya know?

That tragedy - which actually happened in the nearby small town of Bono - came very close to our own Bolivar's life. Correct me if I'm off here, Bol, but wasn't the daughter of one of your old bowling buddies shot?

One thing's for certain: my fellow Radio-TV students at A-State who were there at the time got an unforgettable front-row seat and indelible lessons on how to cover breaking news. The RTV faculty and KASU did their community and its students proud.