02 August 2008

Jolly times, Cravins, and a 10% quandry

It's a true "five flavors" stream-of-concussion post, coming your way on a Buster Poindexter kind of Saturday!
  • Seraphim is in Atlanta this weekend for a Wilton Cake Summit. She'll be back tomorrow with the trunk full of free samples and such.

  • That means it's just Puddy and me. And the ol' girl has been my shadow the whole time. I haven't done a whole lot of stuff. Call this a "Stephen" weekend, if you catch my drift.

  • I've been very good so far this week. No "blind" restaurant visits. No yeast rolls. And lots and lots of water.

  • Today I gave the new "Cravin' Filet Sandwiches" from Kentucky Fried Chicken an audition. They're in a foil-lined pouch, just like a certain other chicken chain. Inside is an "original recipe" filet sandwich, plain bun, with pickles only. Just like that other place. It's damn good. I've been waiting for such a thing ... KFC did have an original-recipe sammich in the late '90s, but with those pretentious corn-starch buns (eating 'em while driving, especially with dark clothes, was not recommended). Evidently, McDonald's is doing very well with their Southern Chicken. The Cravin' Filet is way better than Mickey D's, but of course you can't top the genuine item.

  • A Chick-Fil-A sandwich without butter is 8 points (9, with). The KFC isn't on a buttered bun (neither is the Southern Chicken, for that matter). So that's how I'm counting it.

  • I have grown to love the 94% fat-free microwave popcorn, now that I tried something besides the Kroger brand - which tasted like styrofoam. The ACT-II was middling, however my favorite is the Jolly Time Healthy Pop. More butter than the other ones, and even my wife notices how much better it smells when it's popping. That's what we've been buying for the last several weeks.

  • Jolly Time had a promotion recently where you could send off for a "10 free download" card with three proof-of-purchase labels. I did just that. It said "allow 8 to 10 weeks for delivery." They should've said 8 to 10 days. That sucker came in the mail this morning! With it were several coupons - $1.00 off two boxes - and a cover letter that was actually signed by hand!

  • I didn't know this 'till now, but Jolly Time (a/k/a American Pop Corn Company) is a family-owned outfit from Iowa. Not part of a corporate behemoth.

  • From now on we're buying popcorn only from Jolly Time. And I recommend you do the same. Family businesses on a national scale are extinct in this day and age. They must be preserved, especially when they add a personal touch (can't you tell I was impressed by the letter?).

  • The downloads came from something called USA Music Cards, which caters to promotional things like what Jolly Time was doing. Initially I thought, "Oh great, the selection's going to be very, very limited. And they'll be in some proprietary file format."

  • The selection was surprisingly good, much like Rhapsody or iTunes. And you didn't get 10 downloads -- you instead are fronted with 1,000 "points", and most songs were 89 points each. The majority appeared to be in WMA format, although a number of 'em were good ol' MP3.

  • The answer to your next question -- "So, Tal, what did ya download??" -- is an easy one. One of the missing Van Morrison albums in my want list (No Guru, No Method, No Teacher from 1986) was on there, and the entire album - in 256 kbps - was 890 points, leaving just enough pointage for one song.

  • That song was "The Walls Came Down" by The Call, from 1983. I had it on a cassette dub from a friend's 45 copy back in college. So now I have a better specimen.

  • And now to my quandry: Weight Watchers considers 10% of starting weight as the first major brass ring. On my "membership book" it has 29 listed as my 10% Target. And here's where my Anal-ness asserts itself: 10 percent of my initial starting weight (295.2) is 29.52 ... or, rounded off, 29.5 ... an entire half pound. 29.0 is roughly 9.85%, not 10%.

  • The problem is that, while WW might consider it a 10% drop, if I'm not quite at 29.5, I won't think of it that way.

  • This is the really frustrating part of my commitment. I was mentioning this and my general approaches to my dropping weight to a co-worker the other day, who responded, "There's no doubt - you're an Ops guy, all right."

  • As of last weigh-in, I am 3.6 pounds away from WW's "target" amount, but 4.1 from the TRUE 10% marker.

  • Or, if I step on the scale, and it reads between 266.2 and 265.8, I could just drop one shoe and be done with it.
Your thoughts?

Ciao for niao.

--Talmadge "Does Anal Rententive have a hyphen?" Gleck


nettiemac said...

1. Go with the 29. I was the same way, but when I hit that first part, without the little ounces, I celebrated!

2. Jolly Time RULES!!!! Curves Popcorn is also just one point, but it's just meh by comparison.

3. Haven't tried the KFC Cravin' Filet sandwich, but may have to splurge. BTW, the Honey BBQ full s/w is only 6 points. The Snacker is 4!? No, thanks, for the extra 2 points, I'll take the whole sammich!

Kate/Susan said...

I think I'm more of the Talmadge Gleck school of tabulating. I would probably count 29.5 as my personal reward, despite WW giving it to me at 29. Just how I am. Fortunately, I started out at a 0.0 number, so until I hit it on the nose, I'm not going to be able to count it. Now of course, I've split the vote with Annette, so we need a tie breaker. :-)

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