25 August 2008

Mr. Cantori pitched a tent this morning.....

This one bears watching. Some models have this puppy going into the Yucatan, but others have him entering the no-man's land of the gulf (and the forecast 'cone' includes a possible scenario of this turning right and going up the Atlantic).

I don't know which option worries me more ... the Atlantic path, or the Gulf. The latter would do wonders for these plummeting gasoline prices.

For some reason, I think the CEOs of Big Oil are rooting for another Rita or Katrina, right alongside Jim Cantori. Just a hunch.

(And I stand by what I posted a year ago this September about hurricane "reporting." I'm serious, one of these days these Gunga reporters are going to hit the Whammy. What if we see a piece of debris perform a decapitation or impaling, right on live TV. "This is Shish-ka-bob Cantori for The Weather Channel.")

Ciao for niao.

--Talmadge "Category-5 Snark" Gleck

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