11 August 2008

My theory is proved

That theory being my subconscious is screwing with my mind. It knows I'm this close to nailing the 10% target. I was 8/10 of a pound away. So, how was it this evening?

Let's just say Kate/Susan is still ahead. I had a very crappy weigh-in this evening. My worst yet: -0.2. I guess it's the old "shouldn't-gripe-it-starts-with-a-minus-sign" thing, however it's also the old "there-is-no-f(BLEEP)king-explanation" thing at play, as well. The cume snails forward to -28.4 fewer pounds.

After a very very nice surprise late last week, when the first-thing-in-the-morning number (which I heretofore call nekkidweight™) was a hair below 260, it rebounded -- in spite of my having stayed within the boundaries. About the only thing I can think of is the late-night meal we had Sunday. Plus, a bowl of popcorn while watching a movie. Late. Again, all within points.

Otherwise, it might be the barometric pressure. At least as Seraphim thinks.

Then it might've been the dozen laps around the AASU walking track I did late this afternoon before the meeting.

I can only hope next week will make up for this sluggish "maintenance." Because this is very frustrating. Why? Simple. For 18 months pre-WW I was loosely tracking my weight, and from October 2006 through May 2008, I maintained in the 295# range, with some terrible habits.

WTF????? There ain't no golldurned way I ate enough points to gain 3-4 pounds in as many days.

Some habits have forever changed (I'd just as soon not have another sugared soda), however these are the times I want to go to Walgreen's -- right now -- and buy a can of cashews and, true to old form, inhale the mo-fo. I crave some right now. Honestly.

As we were walking, I brought up the idea of us changing to Wednesday night. We both have had our best numbers at that time of week, and - let's face it - Monday truly sucks for weigh-ins. Saturdays are my "let loose" day. It cannot be any other day of the week, other than Sunday.

Wednesday nights they hold court at the WW center on the Southside. 6:00. That one is quite doable on both our schedules.

Another reason for making this change was driven out of the park tonight. The late meeting in Rincon is down to where Sera and I are the only consistent attendees. There have been three or four men to join WW during our meeting period, however they never come back (at least not to this meeting time, anyway).

Lately the meetings have become chick-fests. Some meetings are more bearable than others, although there have been a handful of times (tonight, for instance) I've left the building feeling like John Edwards at a Promise Keepers rally.

I'd like a few penises in the room with me. Is that asking too much?

But the kicker was before the meeting. One of the other members had just bought one of the pedometers, and the leader stuck it into my hand, saying "You know how to work these things, don't you?"

"Ummmm, no. I've never before used a pedometer" (yet, anyway)


"Y'all can do that just as easily as I can."

"Well, you men are always more technically savvy."

I was a little perticked at this point (-0.2 didn't amuse me), so I retorted, "Ahhhh, so we're into stereotypes now. Okay, then, when are you gonna cook me supper?"

Backpedaling, she said, "Would you mind helping her with it?"

So I took it into the room with me, and gave it a once-over ... and read the instructions (more stereotypes: I thought us men never read the instructions??). The (tiny) manual seemed clear-cut enough, so that even a "stupid, technically-challenged female" can understand.

Miz Tina started the meeting with a question. "So, (Talmadge), did you figure out that pedometer for (other member)?"

My response: "I cannot make any other settings until I first enter the weight of the user."

Our fearless leader said not another word.

(I wasn't ticked at the other member; she didn't ask me for the favor, anyway!)

That's it from Removal Row for another week. Slugging along, I bid you ciao for niao.

--Talmadge "Token WW Bastard" Gleck


Kate/Susan said...

These weeks are definitely a challenge. Hopefully the change of night will do it for you guys. The reason I picked Saturday mornings is that weekends are hard, so I know that I can let loose after weigh-in and still have the entire week to make up for it afterwards.

Here's hoping for a better week next week!!! Still nice to see a minus sign :-) We're at a dead heat. Here's hoping we both hit 30 in the coming week.

nettiemac said...

I found your 0.2........

And my leaders have always said, "If we don't do it for you, don't quite WW -- find a leader who can help you. We won't be offended!"

Sounds like you could benefit from a change in leaders......