18 August 2008

A picture is worth a thousand words

At long last - and right on the goal date I'd set for myself earlier this Summer, I crossed the 10% line ... and then some!

Seems I've removed two week's worth of weight in one swoop: -3.4 .... and best of all, I didn't have to go all anal over the 29 v. 29.5 quandry. Sera's working late this week (Fall registration), so I said I'd check the scale at home, and how it read determined whether I'd go to the Monday meeting, or hold out 'till Wednesday. Most of all, I wanted to nail this down on August 18. And I did.

Total removed to date: 31.8 pounds!

This feels really good. And not only did I get the requisite "10%" keychain (looked at from the above angle, it resembles the number 10), but I also got a "16-week" charm. It's shaped like a pair of hands clapping, and evidently some sort of recognition for having stayed with the program for as long.

Sure, the whole "charm" thing does prove WW to be very much female-skewed. I'm not going to put it on a keychain or anything (next thing you know, I'll be eschewing boiled peanuts for salads and "Tab"), but instead display them for the milestones they are. They're to the right of the computer, serving as motivation for this still-new journey.

With 10% now behind me, I can focus on my next goal: 40 pounds removed by the beginning of October, when I head over to Birmingham for a few days. I call it, simply, 40 BY THE 'HAM.

Stakes: $100 set aside for annihilation at Charlemagne Record Exchange in Birmingham.
Benefits: Some good listening, more want-list holes plugged, and - possibly - a few ego-gratifying remarks from some folks over there I haven't seen in a year.

The downhill slalom continues. Tune in next week when I'll probably be down a whopping 3.4 ... ounces!

Ciao for niao.

--Ten Percent Tal (not to be confused with "Ten Second Tom", of Adam Sandler fame)

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nettiemac said...

YAHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Very, very proud of you!!!!