27 August 2008

A pretty good week*

Or: GOOD FOR MEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!

Tonight was our first WW meeting at "the center", located on the Southside. New venue, a few more people and a different leader. She's very nice, and extremely (!) fired-up about Weight Watchers ... we'll call her "The Anti-Daria." Sweet as she is, her, ummmmmm "uber-bubbly" personality is gonna take some gettin' used to.

This WW center, it must be noted, is right next door to a Ci Ci's! (yes, we ate there after the meeting .... yes, we got a table away from the window ... and YES, we both ate responsibly!)

Oh, and how I did this week? According to the scale, I was -3.4 yet again. It's true, but then it's not. Let me explain, in the spirit of full disclosure:

* = Since I began WW, I've been stepping on the scale with my shoes on. It's one of those things I'd have done differently if I could get a redo. The shoes add exactly two (2) pounds to the mix. However, we had an impending problem: the shoes I currently wear have passed the expiration date. On borrowed steps, as it were. The new shoes I bought a few weeks back (Champions, at Payless .... pretty much the same league as the Wal-Mart specials they'll be replacing) weigh a little more. I didn't like that.

I then made a decision to start weighing in without shoes, and take the two pound "loss" as a one-time bonus. What I waited for was to pass not just the 10 percent target (29.5), but to get 10% of what the weight would've been without the shoes on ... if that makes any sense. -31.5 was that magic number, and last week I surpassed it.

So off went the shoes. I'm taking the two pounds as my reward for good behavior and making the 10% within my goal time. Half the battle of weight-loss is in the mind, and getting another 5-point star the second consecutive week is a powerful psychological boost.

Best of all, even if I'd kept the shoes on, the drop would've been a decent -1.4 ..... pretty good as far as they go.

What's cool is, my weight is exactly 260. Next week, with a little luck and continued adherence to The Format, I'll be in the 250s.

Cume weight removal after 17 weeks in Weight Watchers: -35.2 pounds. 4.8 to go for my next goal of 40 by October 1, the last meeting before my Birmingham retreat.

Ciao for niao.

--Talmadge "Barefoot and getting less man-pregnant" Gleck


Kate/Susan said...

Great job! I am definitely floundering. Not gaining, not losing... Just kinda sitting here... This helps me feel a bit more motivated.

nettiemac said...

VERY VERY proud of you!!!!