26 August 2008

Use Sitemeter. Get mor chikn hitz.

A couple of hours ago, I had a visitor from Atlanta, using an ISP belonging to the Chick-Fil-A home office. They visited my blog after doing a Google search for: kentucky fried chicken cravin filet. It directed to my post early this month in which I comment on this new sammich on the KFC menu.

It appears somebody within Mr. Cathy's Lair is doing a little research on the new competition. (the second such contender, as Mickey D's now has their Southern Style Chicken) I don't know if they'll come back, but just in case they do, I'll say - as one person - that Chick-Fil-A has nothing to worry about. The Cravin' Filet is good. It's a passable substitute - better than the McDonald's imitation - however nothing can top The Original Chicken Sandwich.

Now, then. Please build one of your fantastic CFA restaurants up here in Rincon. Pretty please? With a large diet lemonade on the side?

Ciao for niao.

--Talmadge "Chicken Junkie" Gleck

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