04 August 2008

We surge forward, getting ever so closer...

...to the brass ring of 10%.

After the two consecutive virtual plateau weeks, I readjusted the goal of hitting 29(.5) pounds -- which initially was August 18, then moved back to August 11 after a couple of 2+ drops early in July. After the anemic period (-0.4, -0.8), it was back to the 18th.

Wellllll, the 11th might be possible yet. I'm still keeping the date for two weeks, however after what was a surprising drop this week of -2.8, I am now within distance that I could clinch it next week. I'll let the wifely one go into detail, but she also had a good week. It's possible that we, as a couple, could hit 10% on the same week. How cool is that??

I'm either just 8/10 pound from the WW figure (29.0), and 1.3 pounds shy of the real (29.5) 10% marker. Again, I'm not going to change the goal. Remember what happened when I said "Next week, 25!"? It took me two weeks to get there, that's what!!

My total removal as I have now been doing Weight Watchers for a full 13 weeks -- one calendar quarter: -28.2 pounds.

Here's hoping for at least a normal week come next Monday.

Ciao for niao.

--Talmadge "267 even" Gleck


Kate/Susan said...

Great job! Now I have to lose .4 pounds to keep pace with you. I suspect we'll be going back and forth all year :-) Here's hoping you hit 10%!


Talmadge Gleck said...

The important part is that we're pacing back and forth in the same direction.

The best part is, any competition between us, real or implied, is akin to OTR's Benny/Allen feud.

nettiemac said...

SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm still in hovering pattern. Like one of my meeting friends said, "It's like a stairstep now. You stick at a place for a couple of weeks, then drop, stay there a couple more, drop..." She's right.