03 September 2008

Another "Take-it-and-run" week

I thought this would be a 'plateau' week .... either a minuscule drop, or an outright gain. I pretty much played by the rules, except for giving myself 8 extra points to play with over the weekend for the donated blood last Thursday. Other than that, I was straight 'n' narrow little Weight Watcher.

Today I ate lunch a little later than usual (tuna and 2 points' worth of saltines), right at 3 hours before weigh-in. Couldn't get to lunch before that, and my stomach told me explicitly that it was not about to make it 'till after the meeting.

So, I step on the scale fully expecting to see my first "+" sign. Guess again. The WW scale came back with a drop of -1.6 .... truly and verily, I cannot bitch.

The running total as I begin Week 18: -36.8

Wow, I wonder if it's possible to lose weight over the course of a day?

I'm now 3.2 pounds away from my next goal of 40 by the first of October. Four weeks in which to do it, which means - and you're reading it here first - that while I might have another good week for next Wednesday (09/10), that the following two - 09/17 and 09/24 - will be teeny-tiny drops. I'll bet you a dollar to a dozen Haven't-Had-'Em-Since-April Krispy-Kremes that I won't hit 40 early.

I have no nails left to bite. This Hard-Hearted Hanna (The Vamp of Savannah) is playing with our minds. As of now, the models and NHC forecast keep nudging the storm's track further eastward. It looks at this point like either Myrtle Beach, Wilmington or the OBX will get this one.

But is the worrying over? Ohhhhh no. Then we have Ike. The sound of that name. That's a storm which says "Which coastal area shall be my Tina Turner?"

Savannah hasn't had a major hurricane landfall since the 1890s. The last tropical system to really affect this area was David in 1979, and it was a Cat-1 storm. What has me royally worried is how damned COMPLACENT these people are. They have no idea that just because it's been more than 100 years doesn't mean it'll be another hundred.

Bottom line: you flip a coin 25 times and all 25 it comes up heads. What are the odds the next flip will be tails? Same as the other times: 50%

Now where's the nearest Home Depot?

Ciao for niao.

--Talmadge "258.4" Gleck


Kate/Susan said...

Congrats on this week's loss! :-) You are doing so well. I'll take your dollar bet. I'll bet you you get 40 pounds early indeed.

As for Hanna, I think she has the entire Eastern seaboard up in arms. My mom is freaking in FL, I'm worrying about you guys in GA, and if she strikes my beloved MBSC, I'm going to have to take exception with her. I'd welcome her here--I could use some time off, and we're far enough from the coast to just get some rain and wind, which I could handle and which we need. I'll be hoping she misses you guys flat out!

nettiemac said...

You never know -- I too am betting that 40 comes earlier than you think!

And did the good people of Savannah learn NOTHING from their arch-nemesis 2 hours up US 17 about 19 years ago? Ask any Charlestonian and they'll be happy to tell their Hugo tales!