12 September 2008

The baggy look's gotta go.

So I was in the market for a new pair of Levi's. My size 42 pants (or, as Big John used to call 'em, "britches") are all beginning to look a bit, well, baggy. And the belt I'm wearing can now barely hold 'em up.

This is a good problem, of course. After picking up the wifely one from work, we went shopping for me a new pair of jeans, size 38. I'm buying just one pair, since I'm in a state of transition. I'll wear 'em two days, then wash. And hopefully they'll last until early into '09, when I can fit into some 34s.

The first place we went was Sears. Why, I don't know. No, of course I know. Holdover loyalty. I have a lot to say about Sears, and will do so very shortly.

Once inside Sears, I went to the Levi's section, and saw a good, comfy-looking pair of 38/30s .... with a price tag of $46.00. Yes, forty-six dollars. Jeezuz cripes, freakin' TRACTOR SUPPLY in Rincon had Levi's for $31. But I didn't buy 'em yesterday because the checkout line was too long and I wanted to get home before daybreak.

And no, the Levi's were not on sale.

I ended up getting a pair down the mall at Belk, for $34.00. Now instead of looking like a damned bum in risk of violating the 'no-sag' rule in Savannah, I'll have some "tighter" pants to wear - at least for now. And soon we'll be back to sagging.

Peace out, Holmes. And ciao for niao.

--Gangsta Gleck

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