12 September 2008

Porked at the pump

Yesterday, gas at both Enmark and Gate (Ga. 21 & Fort Howard Rd.) went from 3.61/9 to 3.68/9 to 3.79/9 by last night. I started hearing rumors that gas - with the wholesale price jacking up to above 4 bucks a gallon - would soon be going for upwards of five bucks by this weekend.

I did what any right-thinking bumpkin would do: I topped off the tank of Rupert. And I asked Seraphim to do the same on her way home ... she filled up for $3.69/9, giving us two full-tanked cars for today.

This morning, gas at Fort Howard & 21 was up to $3.99/9. Then, tracking gasbuddy.com (savannahgasprices.com) all day, I saw Enmark go up from there, first to $4.19/9, then $4.29/9, and finally the current price of $4.39/9 as I sit here.

All this BEFORE this hurricane makes landfall.

I'd love to see some serious lawsuit action going on if Ike doesn't do the damage the oil barons hope it'll do (yes, you read right).

Of course, that won't happen. They'll drag their feet with any repairs, and the prices will stay as high as possible ... until close to election day, of course.

And Barack Obama would have a good opportunity to mint some political capital on this, but you and I both know he won't. The Democrats are too much the pansies, as usual.

Gunga Jim Cantore is -- you guessed it -- in Galveston. And that cameraperson is having to stand far away, because of Mr. Gunga's ..... well, you know ..... that growth he always gets whenever hurricanes hit (credit Sera for that joke).

And I'm recording TWC's coverage as I sit here, just in case what I've talked about (live decapitation or impaling) actually happens.

Of course, prayers are in order for all those residents in for a night of sheer hell. Including a former colleague of mine in Atlanta, who recently relocated to Houston.

Ciao for niao.

--Talmadge "Sore Butt" Gleck

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nettiemac said...

Yeah, tell me about the gouging. God, luck, fate, karma whatever was on my side yesterday morning. I found a BP/Kangaroo that hadn't yet changed its prices -- got it for 3.599 for regular. And I truly needed to fill up -- the light had come on, and I knew I couldn't hold out much longer. By the time I got to work, the Kangaroo on our end of town was at $3.81. When I left, they were advertising $3.95. Jeezopete.

Last night on Channel 4, they found a Pumpers in Easley that was charging $5.29 per. The police investigated and the owner found the documentation where s/he'd paid wholesale of $5.19 for it.

What a damn ripoff. For them and us. And SC's attorney general is asking people to take photos and send them via e-mail to his office. BAMMO! Plus this morning, walking Maddox, Liberty Five-Oh was investigating the gas station nearest our house. Richard went to fill up last night, and ONE place in town.... ONE! ONE! .... actually had gas. And he paid $3.999 per. Hey, he reasons better that than what he would be paying if he waited to fill up in NC where it's always at least 15c higher per gallon.

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