08 October 2008

Back from the 'Ham

Or: Holy @#$%!!!!!

I have returned from The Great Hammingbirm Junket, and my first week off the program.

And boy, what a backslide. I just did the math. What I did was, basically, revert more or less to pre-WW habits, only without sugared drinks. That is, except for that 1/3 or so of the can of regular 7-UP I tried to drink.

And totaling everything up, my eyes bugged out so far that when I turned north I saw Nettiemac's front yard.

Including tonight's meal of Chicken & Dumplings ala Seraphim, I have consumed.....

183.5 points

....above and beyond daily and the 35 weekly allotment. I told you I didn't count points; what I did instead was, at the end of each day, logged whatever I ate.

The big thing was the two Hardee's bacon Thickburgers. I was hungry on Saturday - I didn't get to have anything until after my friend's radio show, AND after getting my son's car from Eclectic back into Montgomery to have a couple of new tires put on it. While they did that, I walked across the highway to Hardee's. Two (2) bacon thickburgers and a large order of fries. Part of me wanted to intentionally "go back to the old ways", and see just how I did on a regular basis before May 5. And did I ever.

Oh, and according to Dottie's Weight Loss Zone, a single Hardee's bacon Thickburger is 23 points. Each.

For that "price", one can put away nearly two (2) Quarter Pounders!!!!

Talk about a jolt. Further crunching the numbers:

Saturday: 74 (2 points over both daily quota and 35 weekly)
Sunday: 91 (54 points over; 56 total)
Monday: 86 (49 points over; 105 total)
Tuesday: 74 (37 points over; 142 total)
Today: 78.5 (41.5 points over; 183.5 total)

And to think, prior to May 5, I was doing this quite often, especially on weekends. No, even worse; add to that all the friggin' Cokes and Squirts and 7-UPs and 44-oz. Fountain Dews I drank each day. 3 cans on a good day, and usually at least one of the fountain drinks.

Frankly, it's a damn wonder I didn't tip the scale at 500 pounds when I started Weight Watchers.

(As for The E-Word, I did engage in more than a little walking during the trip, however I didn't tally "activity points" ... I'd guesstimate maybe enough to whittle down the overage to 175 even.)

Saturday morning before I left, my nekkidweight™ was 248.0 even. Seems I took a good 1.5 pound plunge after last week's +0.8 "gain." So it appears a portion of this backslide gain was 'banked', so to speak.

As I step back on the wagon tomorrow (and try to do a weigh-in late in the afternoon), my ultimate hope is for the final "damage" to keep me above -40. This week or next.

We'll just have to see.

Ciao for niao.

--That Talmadge is a P-I-G, pig!!


nettiemac said...

It happens. As Debbie, my former leader, used to say, "Sometimes you'll fall off the wagon -- just don't let it roll over you." So, you start fresh today, and you just never know what will happen, scale-wise..... Give it 3 weeks to work itself out.

In the meantime --- tires AGAIN? (runs and ducks). And it's not that I'm expecting the 16-year-old to be able to do it on his own ... I do expect the 40+-er to be cognizant enough.

Kate/Susan said...

Wow, this really makes me wonder how Mike and I used to eat--what it would have added up to.

Glad you're back!

Talmadge Gleck said...

In the meantime --- tires AGAIN? (runs and ducks). And it's not that I'm expecting the 16-year-old to be able to do it on his own ... I do expect the 40+-er to be cognizant enough.

Not "again", in this case. These were the other two (mismatched) tires, one of which was officially in "bald eagle" territory. It was worrying me to no end, his mother was not about to deal with it, and I didn't want to risk a blowout (and, driving it into town, the tire was literally this close to exhaling).

Now the kid has four good tires .... and an ultimatum that if any have to be replaced before 30,000 more miles, it's coming out of HIS pocket. Or his mother's.