17 October 2008

"Extreme" amusement in the dental chair

Had an early morning appointment with the dentist for a (long overdue) cleaning. It was supposed to be back in April, but work stuff just kept me putting it off. No longer. I called for an appointment Wednesday, and it turns out they had a 7:00'er today. I took it.

And playing through the office PA system was our quirky locally-owned station, WRHQ "Q-105.3" ... it's the last remaining standalone commercial station in town, and plays a very distinctive blend of classic rock, AAA (adult album alternative) and adult contemporary. You have to hear it to understand. It's remarkable just how many places of business in Savannah have this station playing .... including my dentist.

(No doubt if WLOW 107.9 were still a quasi "standards"/easy listening/lite AC station, they'd be mandated to have that playing. Back in college, I remember someone who had a most amusing name for the late and lamented 'beautiful music' format: "Lie-Back-This-May-Sting-A-Little" Music. But anyway.)

One of the things Jonathan (the hygenist) did was take some x-rays for a closer look at a couple of teeth that have given me some issues - largely sensitivity to cold liquids, and, more recently, one tooth gives a strange feeling when I chew food.

Just as Jonathan put that lead apron over me ("Kiss me, I'm cooked"), the opening notes of Ringo Starr's 1974 hit "Photograph" came on "The Q."

I love it when songs perfectly appropriate to the moment just come up by mere chance. As Ringo sang of being reminded of "the places we used to go", I was having "photographs" taken of the inside of my mouth.

But wait, there's more. About 15 minutes later, as he was poking one of the squeaky-wheel molars, he remarked that I might have a small cavity. At the same time, 'RHQ was playing Extreme's 1991 hit "Hole Hearted"

It was all I could do to keep from laughing as Jonathan had his dental instrument in my mouth, along with that suck-o-matic thingy resting on my bottom lip.

"There's a hole in my tooth that can only be filled by youuuu."

Diagnosis: both teeth have small fractures. Crowns on both. Correction: crown on just one; the second one is the backmost right-hand lower molar. I'm gonna have that one pulled when conditions get untenable, i.e. throbbing pain.

Well, I walked out of there with clean, shiny teeth and the requisite "dental goodie-bag", filled with several Proctor & Gamble products. And a new Oral-B toothbrush. How sweet of them.

Ciao for niao.

--Toothy Tal

PS - the first thing out of Jonathan's mouth this morning? "You look like you've lost some weight." I'd be lying if that didn't make my day. Is it that obvious? It still doesn't seem that way.

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