02 October 2008

Guess it was bound to happen eventually

Tuesday was looking like a wash (close to zero), but I didn't like what the bathroom scale read Wednesday morning. And this time, the WW platform offered no good surprises: +0.8.

What happened? My routine wasn't much different eating-wise, yet I can think of a few things:
  • Friday, we did a little walking. Ditto for Tuesday afternoon after work. Apart from that, my activity level has been terribly lacking.

  • I have been derelict about water intake. Instead of 64+ ounces, I've been doing well to take in 40 most days this last week (and, while some say non-caffeinated sodas like Diet 7-UP count to a limited degree, I don't include 'em).

  • Then there was the Diet Mountain Dew debacle last Thursday. I picked up a quart-sized specimen at the Gate station to go with my Arby's for lunch (I was thirsty). Just as I finished it (and noticed the taste was a little bit "off"), I realized something: there isn't much of a difference between the labels of MD and DMD. And, in my haste, I grabbed a regular Mountain Dew. I drank 8 points' worth of high-fructose corn syrup. Well, schitt.

  • I honestly, if with gritted-teeth and muttered obscenities, counted those points. Psychologically, it was a wet blanket over my whole week. I've taken the whole "drinking calories" thing to crazy extremes, it seems.

  • Lots of stress on the work front about a new program that I'm having to produce while dancing as fast as I can.
So, despite staying reasonably faithful (read: I might've gone over points by a few once or twice), a minus turned into a plus. My first gain since starting program. Yeah, I'm a little down about it; I didn't want the first gain to be until after my Birmingham junket this weekend.

On the positive side, though, I should remind myself that my goal was 40 pounds down before making this trip. I'm still more than 2 pounds OVER that goal.

But dammit, it was difficult to feel "positive" last night in front of our leader. Which brings up a question: why can people like that have an opposite effect on some folks (i.e., myself)? I appear like Eeyore in front of her kind, and of course that makes 'em say out loud how "unhappy" we are. I can be happy -- I have been happy in there -- just not in a Richard-Simmons-On-Speed kind of way.

I'm just sayin'.

Okay, starting Saturday morning I'm "stepping off the WW wagon" until next Wednesday (8 October). Consider it like us disboarding the sightseeing trolley to have lunch, then getting back on. I'll still adhere to the you no drink calorada rule (moral: look very closely at the Mountain Dew labels from now on!), but will otherwise not be counting points. I'll be eating out and simply don't want to worry about things.

I'll take a plus sign next week, and the following week (since I understand some binges have a delayed effect on the weight), without complaint. What I hope is that I do not fall below -40. That gives me 2.2 pounds to "gamble" with.

+.08 is just a small pothole. Right?

Ciao for niao.

--Talmadge "Well, crap!" Gleck


Kate/Susan said...

As potholes go, it is a tiny one! I know the feeling though, I had a hard time with gaining that one little gain I had too. I felt like "Well, the bloom is off the rose, screw it."

Enjoy yourself and get back on the horse next week!

nettiemac said...

It's a minor pothole ..... and remember, don't let a small lapse become a COLLAPSE! I've had a few of those plus-sign weeks, and beat myself up over them.

But no need to..... you're human, and things happen.

Enjoy your time in the 'Ham, and don't be surprised if you don't come back to a minus. It could happen!