06 October 2008

I'm not counting, Yes, I am.

No, I'm not.

Greetings and salutations from a booth at the Back Yard Burgers, Exit 310 off I-65 in beautiful, picturesque Cullman, Alabama. This is the first BYB meal I've had since pre-WW, although not entirely by choice ... many of the franchisees of this (wonderful) chain have gone belly-up, pulling out of many middle and south Alabama markets, and virtually all of Georgia.

So, when I saw the billboard for BYB, and the words "FREE WI-FI", wellllll, that said "Tal will be dining here for supper."

It's been an interesting visit thus far. I'll go into some specifics after I get back home, but I'll offer a few conscious streams:
  • Diet Mountain Dew in the fountain is very easy to come by in Alabama. Including this BYB.

  • The motel didn't have any diet sodas, so I sucked it in and had a regular 7-UP.

  • Can you say "damned syrupy"?? Yeah, I'm definitely "over" my love affair with sugared sodas.

  • Tomorrow I'll be nuking my bonus wampum at Charlemagne.

  • I can hardly wait.

  • Danver's in Tupelo was as good as it ever was. I miss it so.

  • I also miss my wife. But I'm glad she's not with me, because - as I've told her - I don't want a bored spouse on my conscience.

  • Gasoline in Tupelo, Mississippi was $3.10/9. WTH??!!

  • I took another leg over to Huntsville to do some newspaper microfilm research relating to the Birmingham site.

  • I've never known a library (Huntsville) to require one to have a card in order to so much as use their wi-fi. I filled out a "temporary card", but when they required a phone number and social .... "Ummm, no, I think I'll just go to Krystal."

  • That's the second reason I'm glad this Back Yard Burgers was here.

  • Speaking of which, it's 9:14 p.m. CDT.

  • Back Yard Burgers' sign just turned off. I think they're closing.

  • I'd best get the hell outta here.

  • Peace, love and an old button-copy interstate road sign to one and all.

  • Ciao for niao.

--Talmadge "I-65" Gleck


Georgia Road Geek said...

Have a great trip and "happy button-copy", dude! :)

nettiemac said...

MMMM, BYB......

Went there after WW a few weeks back. Had the Hawaiian chicken sandwich, and BOY was it good! MMM!