19 October 2008

More "sitemeter" follies.....

Someone this morning stumbled unto this blog after plugging "kellers flea market puppies" into Google, and found a post from January 7, 2006 where, during a trip "into town", we spent some time at Keller's Flea Market and I made some observation about the puppy pushers out there.

Piqued by the curiosity of why this person was in Hattiesburg, Miss. (does Keller's reputation extend that far from home?), I went to that search page just to see what comments can be found online about Keller's repulsive and unacceptable practice of allowing vendors to sell animals on the premises.

There's a reason I didn't go near that part of the flea market the last time Sera and I poked around in there (a month or so back). But after exploring some of the items under the that Google search, two things in particular have me never wanting to go near Keller's ever again:

1) A post on The Savannah Morning News' blog section. If you can keep a dry eye after reading this, I pity you.

2) Fortunately, this one appears to have a happier 'ending.' Clearly, the woods behind Keller's presents quite the bonanza for any dog rescue groups here in the Coastal Empire.

For the love of God, do not ever buy your next best friend and loyal companion at a golldurned FLEA MARKET. Buy only from a respected and licensed breeder (who are in it for the love of their breed[s], not just the financial part of it), adopt from a shelter, or an animal rescue organization.

And just where the f(BLEEP)king hell is PETA in all this? Oh yeah, they're too busy terrorizing those of us who like Kentucky Fried Chicken. That's far sexier than caring for our loyal animals, who want nothing more than to have food, shelter and love ... the latter of which they can return a million-plus times over.

I have to offer up yet another picture of our "daughter", who loves to climb atop the thick back cushions on our sofa and make a nest out of it........

I have to say it again: we, as humans, are not worthy of the unconditional love dogs give us.

Why can't all dogs have it as good as Puddy, Daisy or Maddox?

Ciao for niao.

--Talmadge "Bones to pick" Gleck

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nettiemac said...

I can't read it. I know I can't. And that's the most ADORABLE picture of sweet Puddy!!!!