19 October 2008

Okay, NOW it's hit me

A little while ago, I pulled out some of the video from our trip to West Virginia early this year. In particular, the footage we took of the half-deserted town of Mullens.

Sera had the camcorder, and while rolling tape, she caught some fleeting images of me as I was walking around taking pictures.

Those fleeting images were of me as I flirted with 300 pounds. And, for the first time, it was noticeable. Indeed, it jumped off the screen at me just how bad I looked. Not that I'm any great shakes now, but I could see the difference. Boy, could I ever.

I'm currently down nearly 45 pounds from that period of time, and, if I continue to drop weight at roughly the same pace, I'll have removed a total of 65-70 pounds by next February .... and I might even shudder to look at images of myself from RIGHT NOW. If this keeps up, it's going to be one helluva A/B comparison; I'm looking forward to our next visit up there, when we can take some pictures of ourselves in the same spots (one, in particular, on a rock formation in front of the cabin).

Here's an even better example of what I mean. This is Friday, February 15th of this year, when we made a pit stop along I-40 in North Carolina. I was coming out with some scratch-offs and my wife, feeling her usual smart-ass self, was filming as I came out and got in the car -- and, of course, I gave my usual "fake-mean/pseudo-indignant" face while doing so. These frame-grabs say it all (click on the image for a better view):

"Here, have some damned scratch-offs!!"

Holy crap, that gut!

And to think that while we were up there, I could not have imagined myself making this change. Heck, in most of the footage of us driving, I'll bet there was a big ol' honkin' sugared soda in the cupholder beside me.

Speaking of which, I'm thirsty. I could go for a big ol' honkin' glass of Crystal Light decaf tea!

Ciao for niao.

--Talmadge "Counting the days 'till our next Wild and Wonderful time" Gleck

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nettiemac said...

Isn't it amazing when you see the pictures and go ... WHOA! That WAS me!