12 November 2008

Baby steps toward Five-Oh.

Just as last week, I have logged another -0.4 drop, for a total of -48.4 pounds. I'm now 1.6 pounds away from the big 50.

In full disclosure, I haven't been the straight-arrow WW scholar I was before Birmingham. I've let some developed habits like frequent walking fall by the wayside ... I still walk, but not as often as I was doing back in the Summer and early Fall. Also, I've dropped back on the water intake. Not good, I know. Also, there's the matter of the post-weigh-in suppers at Ci Ci's. Simply, after a day of near-fasting, the last few times there I've pretty much eaten until I'm full. I gave that a name this afternoon: "Amnesia meal."

So I'm sure that's caused the drops to be minimal. I'm taking my lumps. Tonight, I stayed within points, and I'm going to try my best to be a good boy, at least through Saturday, when we're driving up to Asheville (and seeing Nettie, of course). There's some important wifely bidness to tend to up there, and I've been the proud "gingerbread widower" in the meanwhile. Eating on TV trays isn't all that bad. Frankly, I'm forgetting what it's like to eat on a table.

I'm not going to blow out points like back in Birmingham, however I cannot guarantee I'll completely "eat inside the lines." We shall see.

All I know is, while I'm looking forward to the mountains, I am not eager to make this drive up there, with a precious, delicate and extremely (!) fragile piece of cargo in the back.

In other news, thanks for all the prayers and good thoughts. My Dad - who was diagnosed with prostate cancer last month - is going under the knife at the first of December to have that offending item removed. It was discovered via routine blood work, so fortunately for all concerned, the cancer is contained.

In the wake of that news, I made an appointment for a physical, including blood work and a PSA test. I did so early last week, and everything checked out clean. My doctor was surprised to see a 48-pound-less patient in front of her, compared to back in February, and said I'm - in her words - "healthy as a horse."

Of course, we know what happens to horses, don't we? And why is Elmer the cow wearing a Grim Reaper costume???

Ciao for niao.

--Talmadge "Combo bet to show in the third race" Gleck

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Kate/Susan said...

Glad you're fit as a fiddle and good luck to your dad! Sounds hopeful :-) We'll keep saying our prayers for him.