19 November 2008

Clinchin' counties, state #3: South Carolina

On the way back from Asheville, we made a slight detour off I-26 for us to enter Saluda County, South Carolina. The requisite 'ceremonial picture' leaves much to be desired, though. As luck would have it, we entered the county at just enough angle to get the early afternoon sun beating down behind me.

(Word to SCDOT: I wonder if you can cram a few more signs into this assembly?)

So now I've been to all 46 counties in the Palmetto State, and my third state to "clinch." The first was my native Alabama (county #67 - Choctaw - was crossed off March 5, 2006) and then our home state of Georgia (county #159 - Hancock - was taken care of February 15th of this year).

South Carolina is now the second state my wife and I traveled entirely. What I want to do next is to "redo" those Alabama counties I haven't yet traveled with Seraphim:
The light blue counties above are "non-Sera." Only 16 left to go!

Ciao for niao.

--Talmadge "County Counter" Gleck

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