26 November 2008


And now I'd like to play a favorite number of the rhythm section:


After three weeks of wading through consecutive 4/10-pound drops, I surged forward this week (and a short one, at that - 6 days instead of the usual 7) with -2.0 even. Would you believe that was even while wearing a sweatshirt, meaning a few extra ounces on the frame? (Bonus: a half-pound 'gimme' for next time, if I'm wearing short sleeves, as I usually do)

Cume total: -50.8 pounds.

Now, excuse me while I do a victory dance up and down our hallway, then out in the yard for a couple of laps while Lacey, Izzy and whatzisname, the other dog across the street, all stare with cocked heads.

I wonder how many "activity points" that'd be?

I'm happy. Just six months ago, barely into WW, I could not have imagined sitting here, 50 pounds lighter. I'm 2/3 of the way to my original one-year goal of 75 pounds. I'm also halfway to the "Century Club", which I'd like to make by next Fall.

In recognizing me at tonight's meeting, our Leader asked me what was the biggest change I'd made. I told her, simply, "I no longer drink calories." She'd never heard that turn of phrase. (Thanks, Melissa).

Next Wednesday is Dad's surgery, so we'll be making a bungee trip over to Dothan. As such, there will be no weigh-in for us next week. I haven't yet missed a week outright, however I can't see any way around it this time. That I made this milestone on time (my goal was to make 50 by Thanksgiving) makes this "excused absence" easier to do, and less anxious on my part.

So, no weigh-in until Wednesday after next.

And ciao for niao.

--Talmadge "Fifty Fewer Fluffs" Gleck


nettiemac said...

SO proud of you!!!!

Melissa said...

Wow....I'm so touched that my one little tip has taken you so far!!!! :) You have really made big changes so really you have yourself to thank!
Bask in your glory! Or maybe that's "baste" in your glory!
Have a wonderful thanksgiving! :)

Kate/Susan said...


We did do it in the same week. So happy for you!!