15 November 2008

You know, I didn't have this problem BEFORE going on WW.....

Okay, so I took Rupert King Family SUVster by one of our local tire places to get baby's shoes rotumtated. This would've been late yesterday afternoon before picking Sera up from work. It was that time, and I wanted that done before our little Asheville junket. They did an alignment check - all was okay ... and they said two of the tires were a little out of balance. Okay, so they did that, too. No charge, either, since the tires (bought there) were barely 3,000 miles old. (the Ford place told me it was wise to rotate the tires of a Ford Escape every 3k instead of the usual 5-6k. A little more inconvenient, but it never hurts)

Wellllll, no sooner than I got our fair Ford up to 55-60 MPH going out 204 toward the interstate, I began feeling not-so-good (buh! buh!) vibrations (buh! buh!) from the seat. Textbook case of one or more rear tars out of balance. Ummmm, didn't you just balance those puppies. Or did their Hunter machine exhibit the out-of-balance tendencies of Your Blogwriter?

And once I merged onto I-95 .... wellll, let's just say I had an e-mail waiting at home from Caltech with the subject line "WTF????"

Well, crap. This means I'll have to go back into friggin' town today. Not completely, though, since there's a location of this local chain in Garden City (a 'suburb' - if you can call it that - whose original name was Industrial City Gardens).

After leaving Seraphim to her own gingerbread devices, I took Puddy to "doggy camp" and headed in to Industrial City Gardens (a more appropriate name, IMO). I dropped Rupert by the tire place, and since there was to be a two hour wait. I asked if I could safely 'hold a place in line' and take 30 minutes to grab some lunch. They said it was fine, so I went down to Kentucky Fried Chicken. I was cravin' a couple of their Cravin' Filets (great sammich, stupid name). I gave my order to the indifferent and borderline-nasty lady behind the counter. Cravin' Filets, a small mashed potatoes & gravy, and a cup of water.

I saw her ring up $1.59 for said "cup of water." I told her I wanted water, not a soda. "It's $1.59 whatever you get."

My money went back into my wallet, and I said, "Cancel the order, then. I'm not paying full price for water."

Next stop, Mickey D's. I should've known better, as this is not one of the better Arch locations in our fair metro area. I gave my order, with a water to drink.

You guessed it. They too charge full ticket for plain tap water.

Again, my money went back into my wallet as I told 'em to void the whole shooting match.

The plain truth is, I will not patronize any restaurant that makes its customers pay for water (by that, I mean a cup of water from the municipal spigot - not the Dasani or Aquafina bottled stuff). Now the McDonald's here in Rincon will charge you .20 for a medium water. I grumbled about that, but realized it was okay, as they were recovering the cost of the cup. Okay, fine. Petty, but fine.

Our local KFC/Taco Bell combo (a/k/a Kentaco Fried Chalupas) doesn't charge for water. You get a small, kid-sized cup, but it's still free. None of the Chick-Fil-As here charge for water. Ditto for Zaxby's. And Arby's (although the one in Pooler, bless their souls, has Diet Mountain Dew in the fountain, so I get that).

I know soft drinks are a big profit item. But so is food. And if they want Talmadge to order any CO2-based refreshment product, they'd sure-as-schitt better carry Diet Mountain Dew, because that's now the only thing I'll drink out of a fountain.

And to think that early this year, I would've gotten the XL sized Mountain Dew at Colonel Sanders', and refilled it two, if not three times - and a fourth for the road. I'm so glad those days are over. This morning I stepped on the scale and I reached a new "nekkidweight" low: 241.8!!

I ended up going back to the tire place -- and just in time that only two tickets were ahead of me -- and left Rupert with 'em and hoofed it 3/10 mile down Highway 21 to the Carey Hilliard's. Fried scallops .... CH tea ... mmmmmmmm ..... with a couple of "activity points" for dessert.

The tires are now back in balance, all seems well, so here I am.

Ciao for niao.

--Talmadge "Nervous and Anxious Gingerbread Dad pacing the Music Room® floor" Gleck

PS: Wednesday saw the merging of many of XM and Sirius' satellite channels. And, to my everlastin' delight, the XM decades channels replaced the lackluster corresponding Sirius offerings. "60s on 6" - with its reverb, fast-talking jocks and beautiful recreations of PAMS jingles (with the original '60s-era music tracks) - is a delight to listen to. And now I can listen to the complete, uncut vintage American Top 40 countdowns on their "70s on 7" channel. Yesssssss!! :-DDDD

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