10 December 2008

Due to the crappy economy.....

...Weight Watchers has now readjusted Points™.

What used to be a simple, basic 3-point can of tuna is now 4.5 Points™.

That 7-point Lean Cuisine pepperoni pizza? It'll now set you back 10.

And there can no longer be any free food or drink, either. You know that saying about "no free lunches"? Well, that applies to you too, fatso. Diet Mountain Dews are now 2 Points™. Per serving.

No, I'm just kidding. But that was the joke I made before tonight's meeting when they gave out the new and improved WW "format" (how appropriate this happened the week after Bill Drake died!)

It has a new, 'forward'-sounding name: MOMENTUM.

There are a few tweaks, to be sure, but from what I observed, no Points™ values changed. Nor did the formula for calculating your daily Points™ target. Even the 35 weekly 'extra' stash remains unchanged. They didn't chisel away at that. Clearly, Catbert is not in charge at WW.

What was added is a designation called "filling foods." Supposedly, those are foodstuffs which leave a longer shadow in your stomach, i.e. you're not wall-clawing hungry two hours after eating ("You're gonna eat a bowl of chow mein / And be hungry reeeeal soon" - The Sparks, "I Predict" [1982]).

Case in point, I experimented with a different eating regimen today. I started my day (so to speak - it was 10:30 when I first ate) with my Lean Cuisine pepperoni pizza. And then for "lunch" (2:30 p.m.) I had a single Granny Smith apple.

That apple made all the difference in the world when it came to meeting time. Not surprisingly, I try to eat as lightly as possible ... not so much in calories as in actual food weight. Sorry, but when I step on the scale I don't wanna weigh a bunch of half-digested food in my tum-tum, ya know?? I empty both chambers (if you get my drift), because - as I like to say - "every ounce counts."

I don't drink anything carbonated 24 hours prior to weigh-in. Just water and Crystal Light decaf tea. Dunno if it's true or not, but a co-worker told me that sodas can cause some retention hours after consuming.

Now the one problem with all this is, during the meeting my stomach is going "FEED ME, DAMMIT. GIVE ME SOME @#$%ING FOOD, YOU WEIGHT-OBSESSED NAZI!!!" As I sit there listening to Richard Simmons on Steroids, I am the letter-perfect portrait of a wall-clawing hungry bastard.

Not this time. That apple indeed went further ... much more than one of those pizzas or a can of tuna with a handful of crackers. During the meeting I was hungry, but bearably so.

I think I'm going to try that again next week. Maybe I'm on to something.

Oh, and the weight? Dunno how this happened (the apple in the afternoon, maybe??), but with my nekkidweight this morning factored in, I figured on dropping a pound, if I was lucky.

Nope. Try -2.8 .... wow, okay. I'll take it. Keep in mind, that's over a two-week period as last week we were in Alabama for my Dad's cancer exorcism.

At any rate, I now have a cume drop of -53.6 pounds. Incredibly, I am a mere 1.4 pounds away from my end-of-the-year goal of 55 pounds. Taking the previous 1.4 per week breakdown, all I have to do is more of the same, and I'll snag that goal two weeks early. Wouldn't that be a sweet Christmas present??

Future goals, in case anyone needs reminding:
  • 60 pounds removed by the beginning of February (my 44th birthday)
  • 65 pounds by the third week of the month (when we've penciled in West Virginia '09)
  • 75 pounds by May 5, my one-year anniversary of going on WW.
  • 99 pounds by September 9, 2009. 99 by 09/09/09.
Yes, I know dropping five pounds in two weeks in February is a tall order. I figure on either meeting 60 early and hitting 65 on the mark ... or just 60 for my birthday. Whichever, I'll be happy.

75 pounds was the number I threw out when I first joined. And that seems to be going according to plan. I can hit that goal if I drop a mere 1.03 pounds per week.

"99 by 09/09/09" is a catchy way of saying I want to get my "Century Club" membership card by the end of Summer 2009.

Going by my track record, I feel very confident. I've met all of my previous goals - 10% by the end of August*, 40 pounds by my October trip to Birmingham and 50 by Thanksgiving. (* = I met the goal on my original date ... I did set an earlier goal when I had a good run early in July, but then I began plateauing.)

I like the emphasis on 'filling foods' with the new WW Momentum concept. That'll be a handy tool in trying to maximize my points™-to-satisfaction ratio.

Ciao for niao.

--Talmadge "241.6" Gleck


Georgia Road Geek said...

IIRC, Bill Drake was a Georgia native, born in Donalsonville, and got his radio start in Atlanta.

Talmadge Gleck said...

Yup .... his real name was Phil Yarbrough, and I believe his first radio job was at WMGR in Bainbridge. Then it was to school at Georgia Southern. WAKE 1340 in Atl. was his first "big time" gig.

nettiemac said...

Very cool on the loss!!!! I just got my Momentum stuff tonight and I think I'm going to like it. I've been doing a lot of it anyway lately as my points (and weight) have dropped.