12 December 2008

Emptyin' the cellphone

While performing a 'ratkilling' of my cellphone memory card, I came upon a few pics I took from the last couple of months. We have the Samsung Hue, which comes with a 1.5 MP resolution camera, pretty decent for a phone. Besides, that beats the 1.2 megapixel rating of our old 2001-vintage Kodak. And we thought that was a damn good digital camera back in those stone ages.

Said killing-of-the-rats was spurred on by watching Puddy roll over into what we now call her "sunny side up" mode. I didn't have the (8.1 MP) Fuji handy, so the cellphone had to do:
Sweet Puddy strikes her ladylike pose.

I just had to share that one. In doing so, I realized I also had a number of images on there I'd completely forgotten about. I'd see something, usually while driving, and reach for the cellphone.

We start with some pics from my October trip over to Birmingham and other fine (and not-so-fine) cities. Starting with the bank next door to the tire place where I took my son's car:
The economy is tanking. AmSouth and SouthTrust are no more. Wachovia
is getting swallowed by Wells Fargo. Aliant Bank of Montgomery has made it clear
they ain't goin' nowhere.

My friend Tim and I went to an estate sale while I was in Birmingham. I hate estate sales (the idea of somebody going through my house, picking through my Earthly belongings rather underwhelms, ya know?), but I did land a couple of good finds - and being the last afternoon of the sale, everything was half price. I scored a small suitcase which closely resembled the set we have. That means both Seraphim and I now have our own "small" luggage for weekend trips instead of having to share the medium one. $8.00.

And a mini 'schoolhouse'-style clock, which tugged at my heartstrings; it was identical to the (long gone) clock Gran Lera used to have in her living room. At $3.50, that puppy went home with Talmadge.

A Holiday Inn ashtray (with the classic "Great Sign" logo) set me back all of 50 cents, and then I found - yes, for sale - an empty Coke can from 1982. I didn't buy it (even at 25¢), however I did take a picture of the back, just to prove to any naysayers that "Coke Classic" was indeed different from OLD Coke:
It's the Real Thing, sweetened with the real thing.
(That's Tim in the background)

Note the ingredient list. Today, Coca-Cola is sweetened with "high fructose corn syrup." Old, i.e. pre-1985, Coke was sweetened with real cane sugar, baby. I'm convinced a good part of the reason we have an "obesity epidemic" is because of HFCS. Sugar is natural. And let's face it -- folks my age (43) weren't as active as people claim. We might not have had Playstation 3 or XBox 360, but we had Gilligan's Island and Brady Bunch reruns at 3:30 in the afternoon, among other sedentary pursuits.

Okay, that's another tangent for another time. Moving right along (speaking of childhood), we have a pleasant, mouth-watering picture I took while driving north on Gloster Street in Tupelo, Miss. I'd just driven through Danver's (one more time, with feeling: best roast beef sandwich, bar none), and was fixin' to dig into my first one:

Prelude to a roast-gasm.

I bought gas while there, and I couldn't resist a picture of this notice on the gas pump:

(And we have vigilantes in freshly-laundered white
"uniforms" standing by to pounce on any drive-offs)

I was all estatic about what this station was charging for gas: $3.10/9. This was early October, so gas was still well into the 3.00 range in most places. If you would've come to me while I was pumping this "cheap" Mississippi gas, and told me that in less than two months I'd be paying less than $1.50/9 per gallon, I would've told you to lay off the hallucinogenics.

There was a monitor above the pump with a loop of some local TV station clips, including a trivia question: What's the oldest radio station in Tupelo?

Yeah, like I was gonna boot that one. It was WELO-AM 580. So, what did I win -- A box of Rice-A-Roni? A Spiegel catalog gift certificate? A lifetime sentence of listening to Tupelo's second radio station, WTUP? (I'd rather have waterboarding, thank you)

Here's a picture I took a couple weeks back. I think I was on Ogeechee Road, but that's not important. Remind me not to call Triple A around here if we get stranded:

But what happens if the tow truck breaks down??

It was dark, and you can barely see that on the tow truck in front of me is a TRIPLE A VAN! On the back is the AAA "help" number. "You have reached Triple A. Sorry, our van done broke down. You're gonna have to get out in the rain and change that flat tire yourself, buddy. Don't be a sissy -- get out there and be a man. Never mind the money you pay us in dues. Just shut up and when we get around to it, we'll send you a couple of road maps."

Then there was this shot one morning a few weeks ago at Mickey D's, while the lady behind the counter was looking the other way. Those plastic buckets to the left of the coffee urn were full of TEA.
Remind me again why I don't order iced tea at a fast food place...

Okay, that's all for now. With a cleared-out image cache, I bid you a fond ciao for niao.

--Talmadge "I got a Samsung Cellphone/I love to take a photograph/So Mama don't take my 2-gig PNY Micro-SD Card away" Gleck


Seraphim9 said...

So, how long did it take Tim to notice the plastic snowman?


Word Verification: vating

When a couple considers going to vote together a date?

"I met your father while we were standing in line to vote. We really got to know each other really well and by the time we got to the front of the line I was pregnant with YOU!"

Talmadge Gleck said...

So, how long did it take Tim to notice the plastic snowman?

Not long, actually. But he already has a specimen of that Empire Snowman

see here for a couple of examples.)

Word Verification: vating


But then I voted for Obama and she voted McCain, and we divorced by the time we made for the exit. The child, who made a 'kindergarten vote' for Ralph Nader, was emancipated and chose to live on his own.

Unfortunately, he met with tragedy. While crossing the street after leaving the polling place, he was creamed by a Corvair.