22 December 2008

Island of Misfit Electronics?

More from the cellphone cache of Glecko. When I feel like making the plunge and going for a high-definition television, where should I go? Best Buy? Sam's Club?

No. The first place I'll consider is Kroger.

Apex. Now there's a brand to make me pine for greater, more prestigious nameplates, like Coby or Broksonic. Seriously. I once had an Apex portable DVD player back when that was pretty much a novelty. It was 2001, and we were feeling a bit flush. We bought DVD players both for my Mom & Dad and Sera's parents, both of who didn't have one. They were also Apex, but the standard model, not intended for travel use.

All three didn't last the year.

And those Sylvania MP3 docking boomboxes are speaking to me. Speaking unprintable things. Sylvania is another one of those "cheap-company-cashing-in-on-a-long-gone-once-proud-name-of-quality" brands. Stick to the blue-dot flashbulbs, Syl.

Why does a grocery store feel the need to sell TVs and DVD players? Kroger needs to rethink this one (although the idea of Best Buy opening a produce department rather amuses....).

So, Mom and Dad, put that Apex DVD player and Apex LCD telly in your shopping cart with the eggs, ketchup, cereal and pork loin. Then you can look at their faces on Christmas morning when they put in the Rudolph disc and ask, with a puzzled expression, "Mom? Dad? Why is Rudolph's nose purple? And why is Burl Ives skipping back and forth and stuttering??"

Ciao for niao.

--Talmadge "Circuit City: The Beef People!" Gleck

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