20 December 2008

One down, ounces to go

Or: "NOW I'm down nearly 55 (and a pint, to boot)."

Due to all the holiday muck, and lots to do this past Wednesday, we put off our weigh-in until this morning. The WW center will be closed this coming Wednesday (12/24) for obvious reasons, so we're doing two 1.5-week stretches, and then getting back on routine the following week. It's probable that we'll end up weighing in Tuesday (30th), since I can only ass/u/me the center will also be closed for New Year's Eve.

Although I cannot imagine WHY. Certainly our Weight Watchers leaders - those whom we expect to set an example - would not be out eating, drinking and other such festive activity. Right?

ANYway. Weight. I'm down -1.0 (wish it were more, but who's gripin'?), putting me just ounces away from my year-end goal of 55. Cume is now -54.6

We stayed for the meeting, because: 1) The leader at the Saturday morning session is the same one in Rincon on Monday nights - the one where we attended before changing to Wednesdays. She saw me to 10%, but I wanted to show this woman - who was beyond skeptical that I would last three months in WW - that I was still in the game and over -50! Take that, Miz Christine! :-D

2) .... well, I don't feel at liberty to say. And that's all I have to say about that, Jen-nay.

The leader said she could really see the change in my face.

Yesterday at work, we had a visitor who was in the station to do an interview with our news person. Very sweet lady, it was good seeing her again (last time was maybe 2-ish years ago), and her eyes bugged out when she saw me. She too mentioned that it was obvious in my face.

Wow. Okay.

Normally I'm not one who likes to have attention drawn to me. I am the polar opposite of Nettiemac, who will not hesitate to get on a stage and perform (even if it's with a falling-down drunk karaoke singing partner aboard a casino boat!). While I'm not an all-out wallflower, I do lean that way on the spectrum. That's the beauty of radio -- being able to create something without people watching you as you do it.

All that a given, I have to say I'm enjoying all the looks from those I haven't seen in awhile. It feels good. And is a good motivator.

After the meeting, we ballyed up to the Red Cross blood bar, where the vampires were all too willing to relieve me of a pint of my pulmonary fluids. (We'd have done this first, were it not for the blood drive starting at the same time as the meeting!)

My blood pressure was taken, and I was aghast .... 90 over 58 ??!! WTF ??!!

I had the woman do it again (I cannot remember the last time I ever had a two-digit systolic). The second time it was 94 /62. Holy crap.

Let's look back at the Red Cross donor card, which has my BP readings:

Saturday, 05/03/2008: 138 / 90. This was the weekend before I joined WW. I was roughly 295 pounds at this point.

Thursday, 08/28/2008: 126 / 84.

Friday, 10/24/2008: 112 / 78.

Saturday, 12/20/2008: 94 / 62.

While I've never had a systolic above 140 (considered the threshold for textbook hypertension), for years my blood pressure flirted with it. Something tells me I don't have that problem now.

94 over 62? Maaaaan.... I was beginning to worry that I wouldn't have enough oomph in my heart to fill the pint bag. No problems, I filled it. Quickly, as usual.

And that's another afternoon in the life of Tal. Creating new music/radio/road geeks, one pint and transfusion at a time.

Ciao for niao.

--Talmadge "240.6" Gleck

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